Inner is out

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 22:03 -- Mushera


Curiosity becomes a whisper

and questions remain unanswered

WE are drowned in our own famine for knowledge.

yet helplessly OUR prism breaks.

and to whom shall WE tell OUR woes

when what is seen is erased from humanity’s own intellect

when Education that was once a right

soon became a burden on the conscious  mind

WE are betrayed by what is called OUR "Key to Success"

and OUR reflected thoughts, ideas, goals are shunned by our own mirrors

and OUR silence voices become myriad of compressed hues.

and as one multifaceted color WE sing.

yet shards of a broken society

prick the finger of those who try,

the blood that is supposed to be a red is not a red

but a foreboding white.


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