No One Is As they Seem


Pictures are worth one thousand words and smiles can hide one million. 

No one is as they seem.

So I smile, pretty as a picture, and hide struggles that are mine to bear and no one else's to know.

Silent nights and silent days alike pass by one after another. No one knows eveything about anyone, we all have different stories.

The honor students can never be perfect enough and it breaks them.

The kids who are too shy to talk to anyone else rely on substances so they can feel alive. 

No one is as they seem.

Looks are skin deep while thoughts have more capasity than the world's oceans. The one who says he understands another human being is a fool.

But I am the girl

who made up my mind.

I have nothing to hide, and therefore

I will be myself

Even though

No one is as they seem.


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