Venting Session (Why a poet?) Scholarship Poem

“Venting Session”


Let’s talk, No WAIT!

I meant 

Let me vent

Pour me a shot 

Let’s talk about my past

No salt, listen up chase this

Chase what?

These words

Let’s see if you can keep up


Let’s talk about my present

My current state of mind

How I find happiness is the worst places

The most attractive souls 

In the ugliest faces 

And serial friends 

Tell unconditional lies

Just to break open

And explore my mind 


A rich soul, paying for attention

From souls and minds 

That owe me time


Let’s talk, No WAIT!

I meant 

Let me vent 

Let me tell you about how 

I’m Infatuated with the cover 

Of a book with a story 

That teach lessons

Through lies

That teach love through hate 

That teaches being real, is to not seem fake


To not seem fake in the eyes of many

If Any

Venting is just

 Adding my 2 cents

To a mind worth a penny 


But come on let’s talk,   


I meant 

Let me vent 

I’ll tell you my sins

So you can sharpen your Knife

Will you

Live by your words

Or die with your lies?


Why a poet?

Well since you asked  

Let me tell you about my poems

And the time I spend 

With a pen in my hand writing down my mind

How conversations with myself 

Lead to me dying of a mental death

Witch lead to self-resurrection 

From me confessing my heart to myself


Stick and stones may break your bones 

But word will always teach you

I am therefore I can

And I can therefore I will

I will 

Which means 

I won’t 


Worry about anything or anyone

Taking away my happiness 

No one can rain on my parade 

No worry’s 

Good vibes only

 No negativity in my space


No more questioning who I am

My rep, doesn’t represent 

Who I was 

Because I’m

I AM…. You know what?


I’m done talking now    


I’m almost finished  

Let me vent


From a piece of my mind 

I’ve found peace in my mind

In your undivided attention  

Thanks for a piece of your time 

I needed that, the fact that you

You never loss eye contact or talked back

I respect that


I opened my eyes 

And saw myself staring in a mirror

Starring into the soul of a new man

Total satisfaction found

In my undivided attention

An audience of one

No longer bounded by 

Who I used to be

Or what I used to do

I looked myself in mirror and said

“I will always be here for you” 


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