Too Fast

Too Fast



slipping away out of my buttery-like grasp,

escaping from my memory,

seeming uncapable to catch,

ticking further from reach.


They never lie when they say,

time flies by when you are having fun.


Memories fade,

ones you cherished what seemed like forever ago,

they drift off and are forgotten,

replaced by new ones.


Perhaps that is why Alzheimer's is so depressing,

obviously the forgetting your loved ones part is,

but forgetting all of the beautiful memories of one's lifetime,

like giving birth to your precious child,

the first date with your spouse of now many years,

the sound of your mother's voice,

singing you that sweet lullaby before bed.



like Kenny Chesney says in his classic song,

don't blink,

because time tends to run out,

sooner than we ever want it to.


Hold onto tender moments,

because time blasts by us,

don't blink because you may just miss the simple things.

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