Be, now.

Thu, 06/22/2017 - 17:57 -- eLITer8

My friend, foreshadowing, was telling my future.

Picture a fortune teller. Speaking with her mind, hands and such amazing creation of sound, her words were confident.

She was confident.

But, please, please do not.

Yes, please, please, just, don’t.

The wise have told me: do not.

The wise have told me: don’t.

I listen to wise, it is rather a beautiful sound.

I try much harder to listen.

But please, I am begging you,

Don’t read, it shall mess with you.

Do not read, do not read, do not read.

For literature, and all extensions,

Is really, quite all you need.

Let us all be, yes, let us all be, then, perhaps one day we will see.

Future is not, and neither the past. But, the present is certainly so.

So, these cards, you need? No. Yes, these cards: you don’t need.

Please, let us not mess with our spiritual being.

 Let go;

Let go, please, let go…

And it shall lead you to all things unseen.


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