My Dangerous Mind


Peak into my mind, you'll see madness

You'll see me trying to make things add up

ME, trying to cope with this inner sadness

My dangerous mind

Its thoughts unruly

They pray for my demise

But still I arise

Bet your bottom dollar

You'll see yours before I see mine

My dangerous mind

It's thoughts are ruthless

Decisions are argruments 

Between my mind and my heart, there is no conclusion

So either way, I'm losing

My dangerous mind 

Its thoughts are worthless

My blood drips

That's a puddle of nothing

I'm empty inside

Oh so wimpy inside

My dangerous mind

Its thoughts are imperfect

Ideas stay imprisoned in a cage

Emotions overpowered by rage

Only my eyes understand, because they see where I came 

And they see what I became.

My Dangerous Mind


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