Not so flawless.


Quest For Perfection

Body of Temptation

Mind of Conviction

Soul of Damnation,


Grid-iron beat downs, weaker than the grunts,

Getting smacked across the towns, running with the punts.

Spandex and sweat, rooms stealing your breath,

Giants quicker than your feet, the floor bringing death.

Gym rat new and green, muscles oh so puny,

Fighting hard with an all new sheen, soda belly all so tiny.

Body of mine, will be a God.


Class room leaves me in a bog, can’t be so analytical,

English beating me like a dog, mind won’t fit the bill.

Equations intricate as can be, brain’s not made to be logical,

Wizards of the complex three, Math are mythological.

Written by the winners, no time for the quizzical,

History serves no dreamer, got to recognize the fictional.

Mind of mine, will be a God.


Heart is aching like a fool, my tears are all bitter,

Swinging to the beat like a tool, my emotions make me an eater.

Fists are bleeding crimson red, fury as fierce as the sun,

My tears are bitter for the dead, no longer my father’s son.

Mind is a storm with all this noise, not a soul in sight making sense,

Mind is on a bend with all this prose, no way to make this less dense.

Soul of mine, will be a God.


Road to Nothing.

Body of a chump.

Mind in a slump.

Soul like a grump.

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