Dead to Me


In my mind, the time rewinds--
to moments, to memories, 
to hell.

The nights spent wading-
until the waking hour,
I know this feeling well.

Disregarding those that choose-
to bathe in information misconceived.
But worry not, for water cleanses-
the depth of all deceit.

Despite the dirt, the hurt & the false notions undergone, 
I wish well upon those proven unforgivable,
Because I continue to stand strong.

The death of trust with a child's mind,
One will comprehend with time.
Confrontation never hurt anyone, just those without a spine.

Nothing more than emotions derailed,
No intentions were made to scorn.
Thus, moving forward--
with life with love,
I have nothing left to mourn.



October 9th, 2014


Poetry Slam: 



I love this poem! Its deep What inspired this poem?


Thank you so much! The inspiration for this poem comes from a loss of a friendship, deceit and the realization that sometimes in life, you have to let go in order to live. Although we all age, not everyone knows when to grow up and you can only wish them well because not all friendships were meant to last. With this poem, I hope to inspire others to forgive and to be true to themselves and the people around you.


That was awesome! I read the comment that you wrote about what inspired you, but nontheless it could be see as many different meanings to any blind first-time reader. That is great.


Thank you! I love writing with ambiguity.  How did you feel when reading this? or what did you think the meanings were while reading this for the first time? I would love hear what you thought!

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