What You Know


United States
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I’m afraid,
To let people
See the tears roll uncontrollably
Down my face
Each one mimicking the last.
And, I don’t want
To have to face them
And show them that I feel.
I feel just as much pain as you do.
But, don’t these feelings
Mean that I am human?
Do you even know me?
Or do you know what I let you see?
You see me as carefree.
But, I have endured.
I have been used.
I have looked at myself in the
Mirror only to be
Pleased by my outward appearance,
Yet disgusted by
My inner thoughts.
I have been thrust to the ground
By the weight of my emotions
Building up so quickly.
I can’t even gasp for a breath,
When air surrounds me.
So Jaded.
I have been suffocated
By the hatred of others
That fills me completely,
Like a polluted, black, smoke
Blinding me from
The potential for a change,
validation for my existence,
And reasoning for my purpose.


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