I wrote you a poem

I wrote a poem about you
I called it 'I wrote a poem about you
My heart spoke to my mind
My pen wrote words that were hard to find
Nevertheless I wrote you a poem
To tell you that I don't know who you are
But I know from you, I never want to be too far
But I do want to take it too far with you
The girl of your dreams and make it come true
To be in your life that will make you complete
Just one look you swept me off my feet
Truly someone that I would be happy to meet
Be my happily ever after, one day
But for today I just want you to hear me say
That I wrote you a poem
I wrote a poem with music and candles lit
Set the mood 'just write' to make it legit
Let my pen take a journey with you in mind
Truly handsome, unique, sweet and kind
And you may not know me, only seen me
Staring at you from a distance, shy to speak
And I wanted to but I didn't want to be a creep
So I decided to write you a poem instead
And hopefully your thoughts fill your head
Leading you here with me, forever
So I wrote you a poem just to be clever
Did it work?

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