Healing of Body and Mind

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 23:10 -- rauchb2

This healer, he produces words of wisdom
His power is to reach into my soul and squeeze.
He raises me up into his kingdom
and brings me down upon my knees.

A tumor brought out in the form of cancer
gives nothing only takes away
my freedom and leaves me wanting an answer
to receive I fall to the ground and pray.

Though I look and try, I cannot see
the stories of those who feel the hurt.
the withdrawal that makes it so I cannot breathe.
I rage against the curses I dare not blurt.

He brings me high and takes me low.
She delivers me into his hands.
Betraying me to my sorrow.
I stare upward as he who judges me stands.

One in a million and I get the chance
to see your face brought into the sunlight.
Are you this way by happenstance?
Or did you receive those scars and marks from a fight?

So ugly is the God that I have seen.
Despicable and as a bitterness lingers
in the angel's eyes as they lean
against the pillars of the hallelujah singers.


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