Fickle Heart


United States
45° 36' 14.9868" N, 109° 16' 5.3004" W

My heart my heart, my fickle heart
Longs for the sun but lingers in dark
And aims for my love, but misses the mark
My heart my heart, my fickle heart

My feet my feet, my tired feet
Have carried me fast and far in retreat
Until I’m kicking myself to sleep
My feet my feet, my tired feet

My mind my mind, my restless mind
Caught on bridges I’ve left in flames behind
Every step over thought and analyzed
Until I lose my mind, my mind

Wasn't it a cold sweat underneath the sheets
Trembling with the dreams I hate to dream
When you stayed awake, clutching my face,
Hoping to save
My teeth
Being ground to dust


My bones my bones, my aching bones
They're broken and bruised from your sticks and your stones
But your words are the dagger in my heart and my soul
Leaving me bones, bones, bones

And the river is long but it carries me home
To rest these bones, bones, these aching bones
Now I’m just bones, bones, bones


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