Melanin Connection

What is the connection

When around the melanin

Feels electric



i feel his pain though he does not speak

i feel her envy though she smiles sweet


eye contact, thinks im into him sexually

as he say "hey sexy"


People my age

seem to know eachother

clique. clique. clique.

braids extensions, yarn, and septum rings

bleach blonde, afrikan prints


she more natural than her than she comparisons


he sex all the dummies

skateboards hit pavement



sheabutter nag champa

malcolm x jfk martin luther king michael jackson beyonce jay z kanye kim kardashian fela kuti roll the toungue








ginger beer sorrel sea moss drink $3


Want to feel the release

of love

instead rains a woman, her hugs comes with Jesus choir

feels ingenuine, like Boradway tired


Man speaks of ancestors wearing a dashiki

of santeria with incense

stones selling for $15

his flirting eyes contradicts wise words he's speaking

call me sister , daughter , as he desire youth flesh, as well as

inside my wallet


next one sells soaps 

another books

surrounded by melanin

inquisitive looks

no hello

just hey sister like your fro

physical admiration they seem to know

gift of the gab folks have!

see an older man

preaching hate towards "the white people" as if  everyone is so separate

do you know who is in your bloodline 500 years ago?

i wonder, does this really matter?

the human race is so complex

i hear the same thing, it hurts i have to go


to take and pretend to know sell it as

a show

marketplace melanin

leaving the place with mixed feelings




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