An Ode to Soul


Northwestern State University
3800 University PKWY Natchitoches, LA
United States
31° 44' 54.0456" N, 93° 6' 57.8376" W

When our species is summoned 

Brought from the unknown

Where in is one's spirit shown?

It is hidden deeply within

only obviously felt when 

you feel it radiating remembering where

it was put in you with the Lord's good care.

It was sown now you remember it's there

Do you feel it in your mind or heart?

Of course but, radiating the emanance of a souls true beauty is an art

It is sown into the body and mind

Leading you so, you're no longer blind

Radiating a souls beauty is excellent true

Feeling the warmth of the Lord inside you. 

Granted merely intertwining two 

Is a feat achieved by few

Once reached though it seems 

At least to me who knows 

What it seems like I've seen 

they're much happier and combined

where their love is pristine

Whether man and man, man and woman, or woman and woman

The souls combine every one in ten

It's a goreous feat that any can acheive 

Remembering and feeling the same joy they have radiated

A feeling that begins with a slow start

That only remains if they truly care

I know not of the way it feels

Granted I do know this

It emits the beauty of dolphins or swans

Not to mention the way it begins one will never forget

A bad soul swirl may be torn apart 

Yet only it's because, they were weak of heart

When you find a true one though

you will find you can follow them

feeling safe and secure until the end of time. 



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