I Am Flawless, I Am Beautiful


I think I am beautiful,

In a different sort of way.

I always keep them laughing,

And they just want me to stay.

My face is something of my own,

One alike you'll never see.

My eyes are small, but shine so bright,

And that's what makes me, me.

My dance is fearless, confident,

I tend to steal the stage.

I own each moment, bring it life,

Despite my tender age.

I love all others constantly,

If even from afar.

Forgive, forget, and love again;

It's what prevents life's war.

Beauty is a constant thing,

A thing I think I own.

A face, a heart, a moving soul,

It's mine, and mine alone.



This really spoke to me. Great work! ^.^


This is the first poem I've ever written that other people have read, so that means so much to me.  Thank you so much!

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