Pay no mind, its Nothing but a thought


Now before you decrease judgment, Heres some words you don't hear everyday

Images of constant pain brings me to a state of peace

seeing all those beside me smile to a feast of pleasurable desires

But all I see is the sight of an emotion, prior to an act of remotion: the act of removal

Because they remove the thought of pain from the brain

seeking to stain a smile on a clear frame they call a face

And what is a face without the eyes, a constant reminder of all the lies you told

What is a face without a nose, oh yes, the fire hose that cools down the burning flames within

What is a face without lips, the only tool we have to read our own scripts

For we all act to be authors and poets and writers, yet not one of us truly knows its meaning

Are we stating these words to screen the peaceful treaty brought by birth

Or are we ignoring the truth?

An image of unlived happiness caused by the one part of our face that we don't give props to

Who caused the pain of being called weak, or a loser, or a worthless child with no reason to live?

Who was the one that stared down at your spirit as it crumbled into dust

Who is the one without a mouth to scream out an apology

Who interrupted your script just because they had no lips to write their own

Now what do you think, Does the thought of their pain bring you peace?

The only reason you would say no is due to a treason that must be fixed

You blame yourself for the names that you were called

But why blame yourself if you were the one who's been scald

Don't you recall that it was he who teased you with flames

It was her that constantly mocked you for fame

A dynasty that grew beside your name that established tears……

All you did was hear, with those peaceful ears

Now tell me, what is a face without a limbo creeping inside you?


Pay no mind to my thoughts


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