A Towering Wave at Tea Time.


Who am I? That's a loaded question.

We are all dense individuals, filled like an overflowing dam with ideas, experiences and contexts.

I am the girl who smiles at my sunflowers, I am the sister that pushes my brother's wheelchair past the curious glares. I am the daughter who dreams of a better life.

I am the soul lost in Paris. I am the friend who hears the cries, before offering opinions or advice. 

I feel the world zoom out as I stare at the stars, wondering what all this madness is about. I am the citizen with an overdose of empathy.

I am the resident who is thankful for a glass of clean water.

I am the incense that dances in the light.

I am the trees as they whisper.

I am the strength of a towering wave and at the same time, I am snuggled in a blanket drinking jasmine tea. I am confusion and I am hope.

I am just as you, the being reading this poem. We are both breathing, we are both blessed with sight. We both have our histories, our triumphs and loses. We both have our moments that have formed us and guide us to this day. I am, what I think I am. I am, what you think I am.

I am, a part of this earth too.


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