On the Inside


As expansive as the ocean,

Yet also a wanderer within its great depths.

With no thought at all I flow with its motion,

But resistance is found when I consider my breadth.

Deeper than the submarines,

Probes of my consciousness.

Deeper than the primitive life,

What should’ve been my core.

And deeper than familiarity,

Much too buoyant to follow.

Gripped with hesitation, I am full of indecisiveness.

I take a peak to see my foundation; the ocean floor.

Contrasting my thoughts, I am not hollow.


An infinite beach stretches before me,

My consciousness with all its expression.

And like a pianist hitting the perfect key,

The ocean caresses my inner-extension.

All emotions so delicately expressed;

Impossible for my physical self.

Wonder dominant as I observe my being.

Thinking is dullest and feeling is brightest,

Just as the sun which shows such health.

But thought is needed to say,

“I am not dreaming.”


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