Your Serenity

It’s amusing to me about how societal standards can affect one's mind deeply. It causes multiple questions to cultivate and confusion to disperse about identity. We now can make and even more personal connection with the standards through our eyes indulging in social media. Yes we here this alot. But when we do it goes in one ear and out the other. If we break this down, Our minds and thoughts go in never ending circles even when it’s time to rest. We look at what “everyone” is doing creating it to be an excuse and explanation for us not to be grateful for what we already have. I am apart of that we. I pulled myself into that category becoming blind of the beauty that is inside of me and around me. Until I realized that I am separate from this box, from this chain, from this category that is not even a category. In a special way…

No longer is the thread stitched over my mouth

Fears hands can now unglue from my feet.

I can now walk with you,

With a bright shadow and not a dark one.

My heart hungers for your love.

I need the gears in my mind to slow down.

Hold me by the hand in the midst of the storm.

Be my shield so that the hail of opinions don't plunge into my head.

Let us walk through the forest of peace,

As our purple, velvet capes brush through the grass.

Your love is overwhelming.

How I wish for other people to see,

To slow down and indulge in your peace.

They don't have to live in the category of “everybody”

In the fear of “everybody”,

But instead , to live in your serenity and trust in the

The I Am.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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