Letting You Know

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 16:50 -- JHB


Holding back,

No longer allowing slack

Pulling in the reigns

On this issue that is causing me so much pain

If I could create a world, would color be in it?

Must the darker child be oppressed because of the color of his pigment

In a world of my own I would change the perception

That just because I'm black I must be carrying a weapon

But I can not lie my weapon is my mind

Like a bank account I can only take out what I deposit 

I aim for the stars and blast off like a rocket 


This we heard from the one True Prophet ,

What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul

So don't tell him because he's black he's anything less than whole

What can you gain if you lack basic knowledge 

Don't tell him, son, your black so odds are you won't go to college

In my world all children would be told they were great

Color would never be used to predict the outcome of their fate 

I would change the way people were treated

No matter your color you are beautiful and I mean it


I want to let you know you are a masterpiece in the making 

Beautiful you are, please believe what I'm saying

So what would I change in my world?

No matter white, black, boy or girl

Dark or light

We are all the gems of the world



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