a day in my mind

Tuck in the shirt and tighten the belt, it'll help you look smaller.

Tighten the apron.

Eat breakfast because it should be the only big meal you have today.

I wonder if they think I'm beautiful?

Do likes mean they think I'm pretty or they like my caption or just that I'm doing something fun?

Smile because it makes you look better.

Don't smile your teeth are too yellow -note to self buy whitening strips-

Use your eyes because that's the only pretty thing about you.

Make sure your fat isn't hanging over your pants when you sit.

Why do my thighs have to stick together and why do they look so big when I sit?

Ugh my toes are weird.

Hide the acne and your hair.

Eat some of your lunch so you don't look suspicious.

Is he looking at you because he thinks your cute or the most hideous thing he's ever seen?

Don't eat that, you don't need it.

Hungry is beautiful.

Drink more water it'll make you seem full.

Just a bit of Coca Cola to counteract how tired you are.

It doesn't matter that you just got off work, you need to work out.

Oh pizza sounds really good.

Run another mile.

Weigh in time, let's see what we've got...

I'm down a pound but I could lose more.

"Have you eaten today?"


"What'd you eat?"

Make up something...meatloaf? Yeah I had some leftovers.

"Lets grab some dinner together"

I hate this. I hate you. I hate me.


You look disgusting.

Brush your teeth.

Lay in bed.

If you lie still enough you'll fall asleep and maybe stop thinking about how gross you are. 


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