I Think You Have Me Mistaken, Darling.


When your vision distorts

And ragged breath is the only audible sound

Ears are pouring out discrimination

Because for once, twice, or more they can no longer be chided

For once, twice, or more your own being no longer responds with messages to soothe itself

Fists ball up and nails eat lustfully at your palm

Your lips shake under the fall of your melting eyes

But you can’t stop

You lost yourself yet you know exactly who you are

Where you stand

In the middle

Not just of your room, but in the middle

Of your life right now

Of your dream and reality

No longer do you understand it’s all in your head

This phantom pressure resonates just enough to break you

Just an hour ago, everything was fine

How long will this last?

You ask yourself as the mental images cease

And air is able to once again befriend you

You know it will end shortly because one, twice, or more before it deadened

The spirit always lingers, haunting the one who killed her

It linger waiting for its revenge

Waiting to see you die too


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