MIA (Missing in Action)

Mon, 06/02/2014 - 21:58 -- reidR

Where did you see it,

It ran off just moments ago,

I really wish it wouldn't flit.

and unfortunately it isn't slow

Is it down the street?

Through the park?

On the bus seat?

Hiding in the dark?

Damn it mind.

I need you today too,

Why do you have to wander around like you're blind?

Going off on every tangent thought that appear-

Oh look at that flashing add!

I could have aced that test...

But when you leave the answers to my questions-

I think I like the color red now, yes red is a great color.


you're making me become even more stressed.

Bacon is a wonderful de-stresser, all warm and crunc- 

Is it possible to divorce your mind and get a new one,

That might be nice right about now.....    -.-





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