Dark Insanity

My thoughts sprawl across the night,
even with closed eyes.
I wish I could pluck little memories,
and throw them miles away.
They dance playfully in and out of my mind,
confusing what is real.

My thoughts are dust to what was real,
but sometimes I still hear your voice at night;
“Not too late,” you say – oh my awful mind.
I try to disregard it all, but I’m stung by unforgettable eyes.
I wish you weren’t so far away;
I’m tired of only memories.

I wonder if you still have memories.
After we’re gone, what is real?
It seems all my answers are too far away;
I wish I could walk into my own endless Night.
I wonder what their earthly eyes
would notice, or if they’d even mind.

My days tumble on, stuck with just this weary mind,
desperately trying to find new memories -
ones that won’t torment me with their piercing eyes.
And all I have are these thoughts; no evidence of what was real.
I wish I was with you, if only for a night;
I want to go Away.

They won’t go away;
fiends of my restless mind,
but that’s what I get for letting the night
dance with my fondest memories.
Its warm embrace blurs my vision from the Real,
like the cold diamonds that plummet from my eyes.

Sold is everything that reminded my eyes,
and your scent has faded away.
No longer consumed by what isn’t real,
don’t have to hide from my torturous mind.
The memories
will fade, and soon I will take back the night.

My eyes were a mess as I watched it all go: the price for peace of mind.
Eventually I will long for the memories, wish I hadn’t shooed them away,
but I’ve finally returned to what is real, and I will not miss the torment of the night


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