Sweet and Sour

My savior, my soul, the seeping safety in which I have solemnly become so secure in the arms of my loved one who portrays themself to me in song. At night I sleep tear soaked in my own despair, and he fills my needs filling my ears with sweet nothings and positivity therefore making my mood bittersweet, when my eyes and morning meet. The bend between sanity and crazy, when you are in your most dark days winding through a mixture of esoteric thoughts. Slipping through your mind is a form of melody, and lyricism in the shape of an angel not winged, but harp in hand stringing her way into the soul of someone who had for a second forgotten how to sing. A reminder that you are human, that all people do wrong. Therefore, telling you directly to become knowledgeable that people were not made to hurt you, but to learn from hurting themselves. Lessons willingly listened to, maybe even overlooked at first sight due to ignorance. Then, recognized, when realizing that you yourself have done wrong to yourself or another which can be learned from in time. Like a bird without a wing, music can only take you so far, but when healed with utmost confidence and care it shall fly further than any eagle or hawk. Wounds can heal, scars can not. Only with mended time, and self reflection can a person be paid for their misconceptions and gain true knowledge which is why music is my purpose. My diamond in the rough she gives me so much but at the same time not enough, but she takes her time with me and listens to every word I say. Even without ears, she guides me and helps me find my way.

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