At any given moment you could ask me what's on my mind

     and I could give you a categorized list with bullet points to spare

          left blank for the few memories that are climbing out of bed

               brushing their teeth and making coffee, getting ready to flood back to me again


At any given moment I could tell myself to stop thinking

     and my mind would refuse to stop. Who was I to think I was its master anyway?

          I'm not my mind -- I never have been. I'm just along for the ride

               sitting on a cold bus driving a thousand miles per hour into the past


At any given moment I'm awake, scratching a stanza into a journal

     planning conversations that are never going to happen

          reciting, relisting, and rewording the same thoughts I'm thinking constantly

               and I can never get them out, no matter how hard I try


At any given moment my mind is an ocean, a whirlpool of images

     my mind has given me so many ideas and dreams, but so many worries

          I'm still learning to tell the difference between pain and fatigue

               what's worth worrying about, and what to put back on the shelf for later


At any given moment I'm thinking about what I'm going to do with my life

     what my college major should be, whether to follow my heart or head

          considering what's important to me, and what has simply been a pastime

               the friends I'm going to try to keep, and the family members who will keep me


At any given moment I'm doing the best I can with what I have

     my mind might keep me up until 4 A.M., but it's helped me to be a better writer

          helped me to be a student, helped me to be a tutor, and helped me to help others

               the things that make my mind race are the things that make me who I am


At any given moment I'm wondering where I'm going next and what I'll be doing

     I've got a mind that's hungry for knowledge, and thirsty for adventure

          while I can't always let the little things go, I handle the big things well

               and while my mind may not always be my friend, it's the best thing I've got


At any given moment you could ask me what's on my mind

     and I could say "everything", 

          "everything is on my mind",

               and I wouldn't want it any other way.



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