The Point...


When you meet an open person,

it's like finding a piece of your soul.


In my opinion, you are born with a pure a whole soul.

Over the proggression of your life, it gets dirty and you lose a lot of pieces.

There is a certain point that each human reaches to where they don't have a soul.

They lost all their faith

Their love

Their spirit.


That point can last days





It can only go away when you find your strength

Your cruch, because at this point you are crippled and you need a cruch.

You need strenth.


You find your cruch in people.

Whole or Broken

Dirty or Clean

Strong or Weak

But no matter what these people are open to listen.

To help.


You only need one person to help you believe.

You only need two or three people to help you stand.

You only need a riot to help you love.


There are plenty of people to help you.

Maybe you are someones person.

Maybe you are helping someone stand and you don't even know it.


If you are broken or you have reached the point, find your person.

All you need is one to believe again.




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