95 percent unknown

The bottom of the ocean.

Not viewable to anyone. 95 percent unknown.

Yet, many people do not fear it. I am not one of those people.

Yet, my senior project was to swim one mile.

Not in the safety of a pool.

In the unknown of the ocean.

Andy’s Way. Block Island. July 28, 2017.

A very foggy, very warm day.

The race starts. I dive in, scared shitless.

I close my eyes when my head is down, avoiding the murky water below my body.

But I must open them if I am to swim straight and place.

“Open them” my mind says. But my body disobeys.

“Open them!” my mind says. My body obeys.

Below my body is murky water.

Miles of water under me, and I can see perhaps one foot below me.

“Now swim faster. Get out of this murky water as fast as possible. Go.” my mind commands me in a way my body cannot ignore.

95 percent unknown. Yet I swim in it. I swim fast in it.

I sprint. I swam faster than I ever have. I felt untouchable. I felt fearless.


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