Mind Power


Third eye intellect. Take time to self-reflect.

Enticed by elevated wisdom.

Non conformist conformed to intricate cognition.

Mindfully, my mind is fully conscious .

Keen insight in sight. 

Confusion infused by abstract ways of thinking,

Abstracted coherence.  Intelligence’s up-bringing.  

Entrapped in contradiction.

Syncretism’s indecisions.

 thoughts become persistent.

Abrasive . Embrace ‘em.

Envisioned  decisions fabricating life’s cogitation.

Reminiscing  intertwined with paradoxal imagination.

Cognitive intuition breeds intellectual fascination.

A conscious mind forever seeks cultivation  

Easily denies ignorance’s glamorization.

Reacts with emotion’s variations.

Immune to love’s devastations.

Ethically inclined  misconceptions.

Phenotypes become humanistic obsession.

Provoking un-natural selection.

Extrospection influences  eclectic introspection.

My mind is enlightenedly educated through retrospection.


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