My braids is what hides the identity of


because i don’t see the Uniqueness I bring

Because I’m blind by the tits and ass

I don’t carry

But i seek the inside

for the one precious and closest value to gold

it blinds me

so i seek something to unshine it

so i can see what i can find in it

just bibops and viruses

is it worth entering that world

with a stranger,

that don’t know the type of gold he digging

but he claims he experienced gold digging

Why not cut those braids off

dear girl

your covering the beauty and psyche within

Embrace the locks, knots and curly strands

that was given to you

and not chemically damage your beauty with relaxers

that only last a month or two

just as the gold diggers do

because of the need to find another mine with

Golder gold, so they say

not caring of the damage it has caused

Need I say with relaxers

Length the same in year 4

Stop the mess chick

don’t fuck up what is great

Given to you

because what somebody can easily take from you

is not really worth having...

Enough said...



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