Sorrow to Clarity, to Clarity to Strength

Emotional healing and heartache, /  Her Mother coddle her as if she was /  Seven years old, /  Red plump cheeks, /  Streams of water spilled down /  Hitting the tongue in a form of /  A salty back-slap of /  Betrayal for not being able to /   Hold it in much longer.


 Words of exchange, /  From one to another /  Eventually, it came from others /  More and more, /  Enough to fill an opera theater /  But were hush when people asked /  They had never kissed and tell.


 Days went by /  As days do, opening bright /  Till closing at night. /  A new day to bring about challenges /  of the soul, /  of the mind, /  Getting easier as time /  Flew by. /


 A new year began to settle within /  Said mind, her thoughts lingered /  hopeful, /  humble, /  mature, as red paint would have stained /  A young girl's jeans turning her into /  A woman.


 She no longer held the smile /  As veil upon her face, /  In the masquerade ball, she called life. /  It was genuine -- this time. /  Smiling showed outside and /  Inside, /  Her heart beamed with happiness, /  Courageousness, /  And perseverance through past despair. 


 A proud individual hoping for a vibrant /  For-longing future /  With a new focus on herself, /  Her passions, /  Her capabilities, /  And her loved ones that surrounded her whom truly /  Revealed how to be fiery and strong /  As the Phoenix.


This poem is about: 
My family


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