A Journey Through The Darkness Within Me

You wear a brave facade to hide your fear of the dark.


Looking for another light to follow

because your own light has finally dimmed

You extend your arms looking for a hand to hold,

someone to embrace.

Only then to realize

you are alone.

You place your hand on the wall,

the only thing that is there.

The walls,keeping you enclosed,

turn right at an intersection.

Turn right.

Turn right.

Turn right.

You chose to go left.

Back at the beginning.

Back where you started,

the maze has changed.

The walls now jagged with broken glass

broken dreams

broken memories

broken faces.

Through the broken glass

your face.

Your face becoming a stranger

You raise your fists full of anger and frustration.

You pound on the wall.

The walls collapse

They fall

like the tears on your face

They fall like your hopes and dreams

Like dominoes,the walls of your mind fall.

You’re exposed, alone among this enormous dark room

Fog covering your eyes,



The walls that hid you from the outside expose further, terrifying darkness.

The darkness consumes you, engulfs you, wraps it’s menacing arms around... You.

You’re afraid,

You’re alone,

You’ve forgotten what the sun looks like,

You’ve forgotten the flowers, the laughter, the joy and ecstasy.

You’re empty,

You are lost, hopeless beaten and bruised.

You lie on the ground, succumbing to the depression.

Embracing the darkness, as it overwhelms you.

You stare at the walls around you,

they get closer and closer

The air suffocating your lungs

Your eyes tearing up

Your mind becoming unclear

You panic

You scream

You get up and run but there’s nowhere to hide

Cornered in the dark

The room gets smaller

You cower

You cry wishing you could die.

You bang your head against the wall


The wall dissolves,

You are blinded by the bright light,

You squint your eyes,

You see your friends, they pull you into hugs, they wipe your tears away

Hope fills your lungs,

Joy fills your eyes,

Loneliness leaves,

Fear fleas

Heart swells with love

Your friends take you by the hand,

They lead you to an open field,

Endless possibilities lie ahead.

Embrace the darkness.

For you will find the light.

All of a sudden, you will put one unforgettable fight

And defeat the plight.


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