The Best type of Strength


I think

To be “strong” is to be


To be “strong” when you feel your weakest,

Is to destroy one self.

I have never felt my

“Strongest” when I’ve had to


That I was not weak.

It was then, when I felt like the world could swallow me whole.

Long ago,

I thought that to show fragility was to be


And vulnerable.

But I was


It was a struggle to hide the way

I felt.

On the day that I spoke

-          Truly spoke  -

About the darkness inside of me; I gave way to

The fragility,

The vulnerability,

The weakness.

And in the midst of it all…

I did feel weak and fragile and vulnerable.

But I had never felt


I was stronger because I was not


I was stronger because I was not


I was stronger because I was weak and because

I knew I was being “strong” the

Wrong way,

And for the

Wrong reasons.

So, I do not Hide anymore.

And to not Hide…

Well that is the best type of Strength I could have.





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