Waiting For Life To End


Hiding behind her own reflection

Having to deal with her satisfaction

The mirror tells no lies

And at night she'll refuse to cry

The knife will show her a new way

To express what she has to say


Seeing the pink stains on her arms

Broken wishes on the stars

Crying wrists that break his heart

A stupid girl from the start

Letting her red tears shed again

Sits here waiting for her life to end


Running away from his dead life

Ignoring the pain he feels inside

Scratching at his sad memories

Fordging away his old happy dreams

But the sun will shine on him

It's her smile that's never dim


Seeing the pink stains on his neck

He never thought to even check

The weeping heart in his chest

This stupid boy is such a wreck

Letting his ropes hang again

Sits here waiting for his life to end

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