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A moonlit garden surrounded by olive trees — a serpent appears
  When I say, “I am a Christian”I’m not shouting, “I’ve been saved!”I’m whispering, “I get lost sometimesThat’s why I chose this way”
God give me the serenity I do not deserve. A luxury bought with the blood of those who came before me. Give me the peace that comes from a privilege I did nothing to earn. And tell me I am loved
First: Jesus loves you. Even if he is the only man who does at the moment.   Two: your sexuality and your religion are not mutually exclusive and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  
Guide me now my gentle Father, Hold me in Your clasping wings.  Please fastly keep me, Hidden deeply,  Deep beneath Your folding wings. 
Being a human being is to love everyone Don’t get confused about being a Christian Who is to be a Super Being, a great Human
Black, White. Muslim, Christian. Rich, Poor. We are covered in labels, And drowning in sterotypes. We can't break free, From the painful lies. My skin is white,
The enemy can br strong, But I know that my God is stronger. 
Unable to find the term: Christian witch a contridiction story of my life I am both and for beleving in my God I feel other witches have a harrd time teaching me
Fear not for I overcome Don't Let my heart be troubled Son For I AM That Him.
You command faithfulness You command leadership You command peculiarness You command preparedness You give friendship You give love You give forgiveness You give endurance
Shoved to his knees a crown out of thorns, making sure to squeeze And all you hear are Loud screams You want to help, your heart begins to race
What is it like to be a Brown, Indigenous Christian It’s build that wall or you can’t be conservative Their judgement is normative To be a democrat you can’t have your own opinions
What will it look like? What will it be like? When my world turns out like you planned When will I get there?   Feels like I’m nowhere My dreams are like dust in my hand  
- Stanza 1: Son Hello? Who are you? You are me. But I'm not. I mean I'm what their I's want me to be. I am who they are. And they are who I am. But now I look at the I AM,
Always looking out but never looking in The sound of planes pass by Wondering how it feels to feel air on my skin  
Dear God: Why was I born with a heart condition? Why did you let my parents’ divorce when I was at the ripe age of two? Why did you allow me to trust so much that I was easily misled as a child?
A Melody on the Strings of Life   Dicey strings loom ahead on that enormous stage, I tremble, terrified of onlooking eyes. Piscine pissed upon, I think to myself,
My hear shattered  the day I walked  out of your house.  The sixteen months  I spent with you  was gone forever. 
Mother, queen, ancient one. She who gave birth to the son. Draped with the sky and a crown of stars upon your head. Your love and light chase away pain and dread. You lay beside me on my bed.
God’s wonders inspire me All of his creations From the dainty leaves, to the fluffy clouds  From the strong gusts of wind, to the green grass It’s all around us
Health was Failing, Falling, Losing.   Spirit was  Depressed, Distressed, Low.   I couldn't  See The light Ahead,   Though I Had
It is much easier to take a hand that's offered A hand that has suffered A hand like your own No two hands are perfectly aligned, But all hands are signed Whether calloused, raw, or bruised,
As a daughter of the King,  I know I am more than  a number that magically knows my flaws, imperfections, strengths, desires and dreams.  I know I am more than  the sterotypical, 
I'm a lot like Cain, That is, I don’t think about  The consequences of my actions. I don't know What they’ll be  Until they happen. I 
It’s not only the darkness of dreams I struggle through with strife,but also the blinding light of life.  What is there to lean on when all things are flawed and unstable,to wake me from nightmares when I am unable. Through the deep caves of thoug
Whether she blamed him or he blames sheThe fall was always meant to be.The gift of knowledge,Forever blessed,Born from the woman’s mess.Yes it is she, sheWho stole the apple from the tree,
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
Sophia full of wisdom and grace. The sun radiates from her face. Beneath her feet the moon does lay. A crown of seven stars upon her head, resting, do they stay. In the beginning, you hovered over the face of the earth.
Sometimes it helps to pause a sec  To bow my head and genuflect  To slow my breath and just reflect On the sins of mortal men   Sometimes I laugh until I cry We’re doomed to cry until we die
“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through
Focus Misdirected                                  They won’t like me they don’t care  they look upon my person  and see nothing  as if I am not there.    The fear of rejection
Anxiety. It’s always been there, Lurking in the depths. Have I learned how to rid it? Not yet. But as a person who has beliefs of what there is above, I have put my fears to faith
I “I hear that when God closes a door he must open a window.” Sister Louise did not respond to my joke. She was unmoved from her post at the window, as if waiting for God to emerge from the rain
How is it? That after so long of waiting. Asking. I would recieve this gift, And forget.   How can it be? That after feeling complete peace. Love.
I am self-sufficient I am the ying to my yang I do not need a man to heal me But I do need him, when the time comes To understand that I am already whole And not in the way that the ocean is
From the Heavens, You Have Fallen   Were you leaping across growing mountains? Or swimming in the cytoplasm of a cell? Perhaps you were drinking from the milky way. From the heavens, you fell,
This is not a war story but one of victory. I can hear the freedom bells ring and my heart sings because once I was a captive now liberated by the King. But that’s just the thing I wasn’t always free.
The Irony in this Nation   How a color A sound Can trigger someone’s mind to hate  The accusations and discrimination that holds a great sense of problem in this white nation   
I am a Christian I'm Saved, Free, I'm Redeemed I am a Redeemed Christian The Lord Jesus is my ultimate model Where on the cross His sacred precious blood was shed
I feel like   I'm drowning.   Lord, I need you.   Be my life jacket.   Keep me afloat.   Reach into the raging waters   And take me by the hand.  
Oh my God, Oh my God, to you I applaud. You are One who truly isn't a fraud.  You've saved me and paced me, so in life I don't become hasty and crazy. To You I owe everything, because without You I wouldn't have Angel's wings.
Gone too far from your glory. Often believed in my own story. Day by day, my path began to darken. Involved in all the wrong deals. Soon, I began to realize what I had sacrificed. God, I need your grace. Openly I accept you with obedience. On ever
I am a terrible person I am selfish Arrogant Dishonest Lazy Prideful I ha
This pain that built up inside me, The screaming that shook me to my core. Took ahold of what i could see,  Till I didn't know what was what anymore.  And there you were being you, 
We call ourselves Christians In truth, it's just another instance where we fight to not get left behind We actually don't care We sometimes go there as a routine we have to take care
 Where is the better birth of a servant? The mouth of a beast, the waves of the sea or the bend of a mother's heart beat? Swimming through the sewage of salvating fluid,
Who can see the Lord? Our creator invisible. Like the winds only heard
Once the light has been revealed to you it is inescapable you open your eyes and there it is filing into you but you still blink
I AM GOD Here To show you  It is my Will FOR The enemy to win And   Allow destruction Without a war for your soul. Never would I Save you from what you think is normal.
We were freaks Clowns and ringleaders Dwarfs and bearded ladies. We were oddities created by a society That didn’t accept curiosities.
He rose, and faught, and saved the world. But first He had to die. three days, He stayed, there in the grave and met Death eye to eye.  
When I began my journey, I wore a dress of white. It dazzled and became me well, It sparkled in the sunlight.  
  When looking for the best reflective surface, One needs to be careful. You have to be very particular,
You’re the sweetest melody playing within. The thumpy-thump in the midst of my heart. The soothing, mellow tune lulling me to sleep While I lie quietly, still, listening in the dark.  
i swear the shadows take me, just like i swear that i am fine. i swear that i am hopeless but i swear that i am trying i swear to lift my head up  when others push it down i swear i know my place
When life is routineSame old-school,Busy strangles timeto thin strips of meaning,Connections of place and peopleemaciated to shallow smiles;Hiding realities and struggles,and when I spend timewith my GodI bringbubbles and candyfloss,Lies and plati
Can a man forget his sins Or shall they plague him all his life? Will he fight their mem'ry forever In a secret war of strife?
light came from the window and fell on my arm the other day   it felt a lot like you warming me from the inside out wrapping me in peace and contentment   I watch the world pass by 
Black man, I see the sulk in your eyes, The wrinkles, the bags of countless years of work, Trying to race ahead through the obstacles,
Dear Camp Berachah, Words cannot describe how much you’ve done for me.
She was blowing just one candle of the cake , but the ancient serpent wasn't having it. He had seen the mark, the anointing and power bestowed on her.
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
To the Church that raised me, 
What is lust? It’s a mouthpiece through which the enemy uses to speak For me, it was a preliminary point of view through which I would come to view the world differently
Dear Lord,  
Small babe crying, Father's denying  Her very existence  While Mother is sighing Is this love? She develops in uncertainty Basking in apathy  The result of a broken home.
Because I love You, I abandon my own glorification Because I love You, I bow myself down in humble submission Because I love You,
You were only sitting about two or three rows ahead of me, but it was still close enough for me to tell
What do you seeHe asksI see smileswith eyes that hold something deep inside(why dress in scarlett, oh devestated one; why adorn yourself with jewels and makeup?)what do you hearI hear soft, soundless cries
I’ve been here before. I’ve fought this war, but here I am once more. I feel crushed under the weightof it all.Feeling so small. Feeling like my back is against the wall.
I. Forgive me, father, for I have sinned   II. Fluorescent lights contrast dawn the Sun has yet to break
What does my soul want? You see if my soul wants something... The very thing that makes me, me... If it's crying out for something…
Agape, i'm sorry  i didn't understand  that when God said, "love everyone"  he meant even when a man loves a man.  Agape, I'm sorry  i didn't comprehend  i believed what others told me..
There are so many status and tweets
The summer breeze fills the air,
I’ve heard you say,“I want a man of God who leads, loves, and stays.” But you won’t follow him when he tries to lead you the right wayinstead you take lead and lead him astray. You seduce him with sinand see it as a win. Don’t tell me you want a B
Love thy neighbor Love thy brothers and sisters Believer in Him or not One cannot deny, Love thy neighbor   To love thy neighbor To love thy brothers and sisters One must open their hearts
Born into you, Cant escape you, There's no use running I cant even hide from you; Who convinces me that I'm not worthy, Who tells me I can't do anything, Who's love toward me
I didn't think my heart could break anymore over you, But here I am wondering what to do Because every thought of you   Rips another piece away  And every time I try to pray I have no idea what to say.
Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, I didn’t see, I didn’t know. Now my path seems so much clearer! Time speeds up, fate draws nearer.
We don't want to walk with GodWe want God to walk with Us.Like He hasn't given so many reasonsFor us to give in and give up- Our sense of controlBut in reality, by not surrendering,
At first, he was overjoyed to accept  the things these people told him.
Just for the tiniest momentI felt the Earthturn under my feet.I'm so small and imperfect moving only because You are leading.I never have felt so tiny or anchored.
Slipping under the guards of yellow tape, that warns "stay away," burying myself into clouds and space. Locked into this haven, reserved only for my soul,  
The clock is set back and time is rewound As I look behind myself and contemplate I see a girl, chiding - so afraid to be found Lying beneath an oak in a cowering state  
One year gone, another one ahead. I look back in shock amidst life's dreary dreg.  It's true, I've survived, but have I really thrived?  Ups and downs fill my mind, still through it all I tried,
Why must we feel heartbreak? From where does it come? I assure you this: It doesn’t come from above But rather from evil with malicious intent First pleasure, then pain and spiritual torment  
"My God, my feet hurt, ..." she exclaimed"... running back and forth. I feel like my lungsare going to burst."Out of breath and suffering from this curse, predestined on woman that her desire will
You’re making me new Giving me a new groove. Wiping clear the past, Correcting us with Your divine chast. While the rod de God hurts
As i look into the perfect mirror of liberty, all i see is endless failure and poverty.
I journeyed through the world, overland and overseas. I was born where the sun never sets and never rises. I was purged out into a place, where the heat became my second skin.I went through thick and thin, and I became an African prince.
  Welcome Welcome, a feeling I can never have in my own home Welcome A word, meaningless to me because people toss it around with abandon, Then render it useless, less than great Akwaaba
Remember to smile. Remember to love I may not know you, or know exactly what you go through But know, God will free his people They can put us in a box Behind the bars that has the locks
Oh Rose of the Battlefield Your innocence is seen a victimization The demons belittle you "God loves all" The scripture might say this But you feel like you've been curse since genesis Oh Rose of the Battlefield
  She’s a high school student and her heart has been ripped apart and now she is looking for a restart   But all people do at church is make fun so she’s on the run  
Written Expression Stuck. Brick barriers of muddy membrane. Imprisoned. Caged by my thoughts and identity. Black, young, and Christian.
I didn't know... that... It was a crime... To be real... So I guess ive been sentenced to life in prison for 1st,2nd, and 3rd degree words that burn your skin because you don't like the truth
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
Like a tsunami rises from the sea; death arises out of life; every being has it's time; every person the appointed day; how we die is not our choice; will we go in joy or strife;
Some days, it feels as though I have an identity And others, it feels like I’m faking. I am not a fake or a liar Am I? What does it mean, the word identity? I have always struggled to find the meaning
Sitting in a sunlit room, I ponder how to begin   Words seem to distance themselves From me after So long a space I filled with nothing more than Wounded doubts  
Awake, my soul, awake, Throw off the cloth of ease Try thy own weight and strength Cast off the dust, and reach Arise and stretch Arise and feel Awake, my soul, awake, Chase away the sleep
Problems of mankind are caused by the tongues of men.  You see our tongues could either be a blessing or a help to cause sin  
Since the day i was able to understand the real world, there has been this one man. He is always here. He never leaves. He is one of a kind. No one can replace him in my heart.
A renegade of cultures past, A renegade from traditions forgotten, Holding on to values from the past, Lessons that lay today, forgotten.
To learn or not to learn To yearn or not to yearn To see or not to see What He could truly do for me Stranded on a lone island All there is, a never-ending silent To think that I am all alone
Hello everyone My name is Ashley Many middle names Clement I am 22 years old And I am one among 10 brothers and sisters
When we thought we were blest, HE sent us tests. When we couldn't stay close, HE arose. When we were slaves, HE came to save. We tried to survie,
hundreds of souls gather round the Flame their faces away to hide shade from shame yet one soul searches desperately in hope, to find one soul's heart not in evil soaked.  
Why? Why were You there? Why were You on the ground in Gethsemane? Why did Your brow sweat blood while praying in agony? 
Darkness...that is what I see. Silence...that is what I hear. Emptiness...that is what I feel. All around me, there is nothing: no light, no sound, no objects. I am alone, with nothing, except...
They said I can't live without food, so I told them I live by the bread of life They said I can't live without water, so I told them I know a well that never runs dry
Father, Son and Holy Spirit Three in one, our God most high You have made the stars burning brightly Looking up, I am swallowed By Your oh most brilliant sky   Your glorious heavens are so close here
I feel like I've beenSitting on a swingWaiting for someone to push meBut sunset comes
There is a sadness that we feel When we learn that Santa's not real This sense of loss feels quite the same When we grow up and learn true pain People lie and people kill People die and yet I still
Memorable Medallion   Hail Mary. Bearing a lily, St. Gabriel does not tarry With expostulation and adoration Of the Blessed Virgin.
The man who saved me If your world is darkIf your eyes are weary and your heart heavy If you feel alone and forgotten If you feel like your mind is an enemy and it attacks you with more ferosity than a starved man whom you've stolen his last penny
Being alone hurts more than you think, having the waves of constant struggles hitting and causing you to sink. I heard the constant ringing but chose to go my own way.  
Who am I? Is that really the question? No, that can’t be. The real question is this: Who could I be?   Somedays I’m King Arthur, strong and fair A man of valor sitting in equality’s chair
I can live without food, for he nourishes me. I need not any money, for to him I do not owe. I shan’t require a majestic domain, for one already awaits.
 OH My Lord my Lord don’t cry My brothers and sisters do not know any better My Lord of Lords sheds tears, cascading down unto earth.   My Lord, your tears are like the oil that fills my cup of truth
That's a loaded question, What can't I live without? Love? Breath? Bread? What about life? How could I live without life? How can I live if I've already died if I don't again receive life?
I’m from frozen dinners, From doing things just to say I did it, From war stories by grandpa, And hospital stories from grandma.   I’m from first minute drama, And last minute projects,
Longing for hope , begging for more rope to secure my hold , with every secret I've ever told the rope never let's go
What if the mansion which I abide mirrors me by more than just it's contents?  
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
Horns honking people talking sirens wailing Temptation swirling i feel so far away from you now At these times I put my earbuds in and turn my music up blaring
Amazing Awesome Adonai Author of my life Author of Eternal Salvation And one with Jesus Christ   Creator and consuming fire Spirit of love and peace Who does not faint and does not tire
What am I if I think of this? What is this thought of mine? What was the seed that from this grew This budding vine of life?   Whose great hand that from we grew? Whose great lips that give us breath?
I fear that I am a mistake a mistake of God.. and one day He'll realize it, then I'll disappear. No one will notice, no one will care, some may even be relieved..
I am magnetic. I am not just Rachel. Putting my faith in a power greater than anyone. Having courage and being kind. Giving rather than receiving. I am magnetic. Writing songs about my life experiences.
                                             When I became a Man
The beauty of creation sings aloud High praises to the One who reigns above. From swirling galaxies and nebula To splendid, sparkling stars in heaven high, He shows us all His power and His might.
I am... I am my father's daughter I am his patience, I am his kind spirit I am his athlete, I am his social butterfly I am my mother's daughter I am her sensitivity, I am her best friend and she is mine
Power and shame, blood and Death Pumping heart, lungs gasping for breath Pray, should I do it? Oh, no. Never! Nay! Please, God help me with this dragon I ever long to slay  
The follower that has accepted Christ as his lord and savior Guided by the helper which he has left behind To follow in His teachings over which I savor Blessed by His mercy and in Him I reside
"Beautiful" It's high praise no matter who you are. But to just another young fella Who gets used to his mom calling him "handsome" Probably because she's obligated to "Beautiful" is something else
Last week someone told me that I shouldn't speak Because I was a monster not by design But by the way I define myself Because I was found in Christ They said I wasn't a lover but a liar and a hypocrite 
Im a fool
I am no winner I am a sinner I'm as good as dead But a man saved me And that is why I bow my head I am a narcissist Even though I don't want to be
Three days Two feet One God Whole world
My hand is here all you have to do is take it  you will have everything you need by just  believing in me 
This is where I draw the line. This is my surrender. I’m all in. There is no plan B. I’m a forgiven castaway Unbroken by this world,
If I were a duckling, the church was my mother. I folllowed and obeyed to please one another. I knew not why I'd bother to question, Why I'd always head my elders instruction.
LIght Shines  Illuminating Dark Places once useen Beauty is now revealed in the Lord's  Creation
Surrounded by Lies 
I feel so alone
Though the Darkness surrounds
Gracefully I dance
I never understood the word priority Is a dancer, writer, or singer really what I want to be? Can I do this and be a Christian  Or do I have to choose
Why only call on him at midnight? When your mind feels weak not right Why not call on him throughout the day? Like before you become overwhelmed and your skies turn gray
It’s too small of a planet To say Earth is everything, To say the stars are there for beauty And the moon is there for peace.   It’s too great of a world To say God is false,
I don't need to be baptized to be able to love and serve the Lord.I love our creator and I know that one day Heaven will be my reward.Being baptized is a good thing but to get into Heaven, I don't think it's required.
Ink-smudged hands betray me Proof that I'm still fighting  My thoughts can be rambunctious I don't quite know where I am
The universe obeys his every command. Everything is awesome, Because my God is awesome.
  A person’s value?
The Lord is my Sheperd, that means I'm the sheep, i have nowhere to go unless my Lord speaks, My Lord is my Provider, If He provides, I eat,
I really just want to speak a little of what's on my heart, Im
His Righteous Flask  
What is my mission? How can I inspire? I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.
One of my biggest filters would be
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It's not Rod Serling's Twilight Zone; that's not it. It's not the Kardashian's reality show; that's not it.
I prayed for the patience to wait for you and finally here you stand
I cried out but heard nothing
When life leaves me with an overwhelming day, I close my eyes and to Him I pray. I put my trust in Him, for I know Hes there.
5 minutes is all it takes for a stranger to see what a wonderful human being you are, to become captivated by every part of you and they've only begun to scratch the surface, wh
I'm sure most of us are familiar with the term 'Ladies First'. Eve took some and ate, ladies first huh?
Simple and Nice Is what others see. A shy little girl; That's displayed through me.   Quiet and calm; Like an ocean sea. You might even hear waves, If you listen closely.  
(A.K.A 'Question')Why praise God, onlyto curse & challenge His namewhen a trial comes?
You are made beautiful in this. You are made beautiful in this. My crown of thorns, my hands red with blood. You are made beautiful in this. My wounds, my pain, my death. All this to set you free.
  The only time I believed in you,
Who am I? Who are you?Who are we trying to be?
Welcome to western society. The civilized man. The one with the answers The reason we stand The reason we fight. . The reason we judge others and assume we are right.
I am lifted by the Lord. Craving GOD'S Holy Word. Wherein my thoughts often linger. Searching Scriptures pages, Quelling this world's rages, Finding Christ, Salvation's bringer.
Words are definitive in the walk of a Christian Our words are just as important as our actions in this mission But two words define our place in Jesus Declaring whether or not you have the right vision
How could this happen I thought we were through my inner being is mortified We're waiting for you My demons coo they threaten to pull me  into the crashing waves
His Love   His love is a candle in the dark of night For those who need it and follow his word And those who seek it and follow the light
"You're as happy as a Christian should be." "Have you ever cursed?" "You actually know that song!" Just a few of the daily comments from my peers.
The other me is someone only seen by few, Someone not as corageous or as sure of what to do. Inside I'm scared of letting others down, Scared of rejection or the real me to be found.
Children’s cries calm her pounding heart Pangs of travail drain from their raw start At last love manifests in blood-flushed flesh Spirits sparkle in the commitments made fresh  
The Path
You began your life with a simple dream...freedom!  A desire to live as you please!  The day you said no to your creator  No! To the very hands that formed you!  You denied your master! 
  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth He saw that it was good so he continued his creation He created Adam and Eve and gave them all of their worth
  Response to PaulDie to the self?Surely not,I wish to willI am an intellectual 
Love A four letter word that we say to one another. We make it, give it, or take it from one another. God's greatest commandment was Love.  So why do we abuse it?
I have a dream:That I will love you forever.And by forever,I do not just mean my time in Earth,But also my time In heavenWhen I kneel at your feet,In praise and glory,
I know exactly who I want to be But the person I've been has a strong hold on me
So I've created a mission To spread my decision To talk about my beliefs about the topic of religion. A touchy subject, people get defensive, But it's a result of the way it gets presented.  
Who You Are   The days press on as I wait
Lord, do not forsake me. Take away my homeland. Take away my pride. Lord, test me. Leave me no place to hide. Remove me of my sins. Blind my eyes from hatred. Leave me behind
all will bow and hushin the Creator's presencewhen Judgement's due. 
My love I hear you
I write to remind myself that the sun always comes after the night.   My soul bears the teeth-marks of Guilt and Shame. And in sleepless nights wonders how I got the name
Did you he
I inhale lately the oxygen is accompanied by a dart in my spine a prick in my mind
The things that make me tick... Some you'l understand others you'll get a kick   One thing is double standards: Girl gets layed - she's a sex hazard Guy gets layed - he's got swagger
There are many moments in a persons life, but the first moment is birth when one is born into a world that we know nothing about some say it is a beautiful world I say it is
I sit aloneon the ruins of human failure.On a stonemade of the promises broken.Feet underneath me,to stand would be impossible.I weep softlyon the ruins of human failure.
We are fighting a war in which We already know who wins, So why do people continue to suffer And continue to sin?   See there’s this God, my God Who can completely change your heart.
We call ourselves Christians
How can this be the land of the free It seems more like the land of the slaves Suggestive thinking rearranging our views controlling us were nothing but sheep to them
Have you ever woke up one day And looked in the mirror But this day is different than any other day From looking in the mirror Because you see something that wasn't there yesterday You see potential
Born with a story, that includes all my woman ancestor's strength that co-habits with my own. I stand by what i believe is worth crying over and fight until bloody knuckles are stinging.
You are an innocent, rare hummingbird; Constantly fluttering delicate wings- Not flying, but floating softly unheard, Taking what you please from what nature brings.
Tell me how I am supposed to know what to believe in,
    While a man aint answering his phone Or at 3 in the morning, he still ain't home His "Christian Woman" is all alone Asking God "What did I do wrong?"  
****I am not bashing other religions but rather providing my reasoning behind choosing the Christian faith.  I respect all religions and faiths and believe that everyone should believe in something. This is why I believe in Jesus Christ.
“Thump, Thump”. I heard a heart beat not too far away.
I’m confused. Like really.  I am SO confused and I need some clarification I see an epidemic that is spreading across the nation. I feel like world has taken the “Christ” out of Christmas
It started with four words Let.  There. Be. Light. And so his light shined on the world No brighter light that’s ever been seen before A prelude to one of the greatest stories known to man kind
The one and Only God of gods, who gave his only begotten son That whom so ever believes in him Shall not perish but live everlasting, Amen. God isn’t real you say? Yet he surely is,
Was there ever more a morning in July, Were a pair embraced A kiss upon ones cheek, set the boy to fly M'lord was that love, Send a sign to assure ones tattered mind, If so be it M'lord I love thee
My passion isn't like any other My passion is the kind of passion that doesn't point its finger but its palm It is the air I breathe; it keeps me calm therefore I'm not a tick...BOMB
Dreams and Clock Work By Devinn LoVette Consciously defying my sub-cognitive count down to catatonic, back-breaking autonomy Sweat silently streaking to the hardwood floor
I’m not allowed   My God is gentle, He is sweet, He is kind He has given me my body, soul, and mind  
My sweet daughter,
Can you see through my eyes? The pain, the hurt, all around.  Lost people seraching for a purpose that can't be found. Their shallow laughter creates a mask, Over the questions they're too afraid to ask.  
Society seems in a mess Mothers cry, while Fathers stress to be polite is a disgrace as children mock you to your face   drugs and sex aren't hard to find it seems as if the worlds gone blind
There's a practical truth in air The evidence is yet to be seen Yet none can deny its usage To soak in its vibrant want 'Cause none can say air needs us but we need air Its energy carved into my bones
My life is in JesusYeah, a love that can't be comprehendedSharing truth, Jesus Christ's coming!
I brought you into this world I can take you out. These are familiar words that every black child hears when they act up The Father, our Father clenches his jaw and whispers these words into our ears
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
People are sensative, caring and often kind People are rude, oblivious and even blind  People are people and will act as they please No suprise considering all the tempations of this world are just a tease  
I am the cul-de-sac and the grass on the other side,
I know Jesus sees Every little thing I do. And most of the time, he frowns.
If life were perfect there would be nothing to change Then on second thought, that makes no sense because "perfect" doesn't mean "the same" But if that were in fact the case we'd make each moment last
Jesus, Messiah, King of my heart, My deliverer, my shepherd, my guide through the dark My strength, my hope, my help when in need My rock and my salvation, I will follow your lead
I am the strange man. The man that is a boy. The boy that is a man. I play words as a decoy, I refuse to write and wrong with the same hands. So I try to write as well as I can.
There once was a world that was darkBut in one girl there was a small light.This girl was able to leave a mark
My raging heart was tortured by my demented flesh Temptations tried to eat my soul for evil I was trapped in sin with no more rest
Peace on earth No matter how much we search for it, It is no where We grow weary   Our world is surrounded by evil and emptiness Lies and suicides Murders and disasters
So as I type what I did last night don't judge me Don't judge me because everyone sin and nobody’s perfect Talking about sin... that's what i committed
My Refuge is in the stars, where pain lasts as a faint scar; my past, only folklore, a long un-opened door.
Crying to You was not what I wanted to do For You to see me laying on the ground face down caused sweet shame so I refrained
Seen as a player, but many timez I've been played
Some say that the world is a wonderful place Liars, all of them, the world is a disgrace A place more tragic and treacherous than its ever been A world full hate, violence , murder, and much greater sin
So I guess that our topic for
Discrimination. This nation. No matter the class or station. Unjust. Unfair. How I feel with this load I bear. Prude. Jesus Freak. The labels they stick on me.
Sword bearer truth wearer covered in blood like Hanibal but I'm not a cannibal I'm plannin to animal beats on all the flammable channels Cant drop me with choppers or pop me with glockers
Resolution to never be a part of any institution to cleanse my heart of this pollution In Christ alone my absolution because mankind won't provide solutions
Sin Cloggin my veins Causing pain in ways I don't feign to understand understand me I know its there emotional connections lead to sin infections
What do you do when there are no words to expressall the thoughts you've barely fathomed into a conscious
Brazil, Honduras, Mozambique Languages are so unique By learning and trying for such a long time I have gained the knowledge needed to speak Across oceans I have gone; at first I was meek
I go to school to become smart and get an education, Not to listen to your secular points of views, and condemnation.  
He was here before it All and All owes it all to He cause without He All would never be  
Dear God, give me guidance Please just take this walk with me For I've lost sight of you, and the Devil is all I see. Lord, I'd rather be blind Than witness nothing other than lies.
Dark, unsure where I was going  scared from not knowing which way up the stream of life I was rowing constantly mowning from sickness, my mom is a witness no money to buy food but plenty to get drunk with 
the mirror and the magazine side by side. her reflection doesn't look like the photo on the right. she wishes she was beautiful she doesn't even see, God totally adores her
Your out of line And God said to get out of line.   Are you too blind? You are no longer bound Bound by material things!   Yet tears come to your eyes, Cause your soul is dyed.
Are we stuck in a lie    Between one love and much hate?       Suppose we give rules a change, maybe then they'll be straight.    Over time we will grow to hate the rules we have changed, but
  Who am I? Am I a hero? Am I a villain? A star, a role model, a mother? Who will I be... When I venture through the darkest of caves  Will I emerge to see the light? Who can I be?
Being who you are in this day and time,  is looked on as being original  or being independent. Throw in the mix of knowing exactly what you want to do in your life,  and knowing where you are going when you die,
Conformity is like a box, Your as sly as a fox. You try to sneak in your ways, This is not a game everyone plays. Its so serious, Dont act mysterious. I have my beleifs as you do yours.
That of my perception’s highest worth, Things that, when absent, cause me greatest hurt,   The things that I pursued with no relent, Believing that, when caught, would bring content,  
This girl who is she?  What is her means ? She has been throrugh alot Alot of things you have never seen. They say she's jamaican but is that all to her ? She seems that she has something else to offer.
I feel the gazes All the sages in the world couldn't take away the problems The lie they tell Is only a part of the pie they say sell When we all fell We were told that it was what we were all sold into
Don't teach me to be a hypocrite; Juding people who don't think what I think, Labelling people who don't do what I do, Arguing with people who don't believe what I believe.  
I am trying my best. Life’s demands are kicking me around as I reach toward His plan. I tell myself to breathe. Anxiety plagues my being as I am looking for a break. Will relief ever come? I think so.
The dark one tells me I deserve this pain.I desire punishment, for it is just.
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
I can’t stop these tears From running down my face My heart is filled with hurt From trying to endure this race
If I had taken the other path Where would I be now? Many times I have contemplated The many-faceted image Of myself, In a far different place.   If I had chosen darkness instead
 I want to sleep...I really do. He's calling just beyond the avenue. Tight curb, love in the low life suburbs. Patiently waiting for me.Sich schminken to hide a brutally gentle tide.
Friend, I was so shocked when I heard of your fate. How could something so bad happen to someone so great? I shed many tears and hugged many friends. I tried to reason why your life had reached its end.
  I don’t write for myself I don’t often write poetry Words are use to express emotions But what happens when the words don’t come?   God. He sends a message, a plea, a vision.
Who shall I praise in my moment of glory  Who shall I praise in my moment of pity Who shall I praise when I need to be happy Who shall I praise when I cry like a baby Who shall I praise when I don't know who to be
Dear Sons and daughters, Do you know that I love you? I know that john 3; 16 says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.
Set a melody in my heart To sing only for You Let the harmonies of all nations arise Just for You, Lord. He who holds the universe in its place Holds my heart tonight. He who makes the heart beat
Escaping from it's place some time ago,  no direction - searching for an unknown soul.  In need of comfort, another person who's unclear.  Looking and looking, and the time comes near. 
I sit admiring and smiling At the little one in my lap. My precious boy, My baby, My son.   Cocooning my beloved babe in my lap I realize I will do anything, Be anything, for him.
We are each called to serve the Lord With many gifts to us He's poured My gift of poetry I pray to use To give light to the world And light its fuse. I am a soldier of the cross
With nowhere to turn, my life flashes by. Looking around and nowhere to hide. I know all these faces, and they all know mine. The same faces day after day. They get comfortable with not saying hey. Walking around with nowhere to belong.
  Dear Sin, You beat me down with your temptation Kill me with my fascination Tell me I don't need salvation Your lies have become my fixation Everything you say is utter fabrication
Creator of Waterfalls   I look up slowly to capture in my vision the full splendor of the Bright and powerful cascade.
One, two, three are the lights in a dark dark place they dared to go. Go, stop. Yes, no. Which voice to listen to they're so confused. Prepare for the worst they decided to go.
We question the gifts that we are given not realizing the lives that are taken because of our greed and the seeds that we plant in the minds of our seeds and the hearts of our souls. Who are we to question Gods plan?
Orange light passes slowly on; as a slow brook passes an even slower traveler on his melancholy way through life.
Never what I am, always looking for Me, life follows no plan, we're tossed in a stormy sea. We walk on trial, walk down death row, while accusations pile,
I am warrior of God I will always carry my sword by my side I will constantly sharpen it I will never accept defeat With God by my side I will never have to experience defeat
To them, i'm a queen. Gayly waving my wand, round and round. Bubbles: each worth a thousand points. No, a million points. The source of all power lies in a  Soapy sphere.
I say I love truth,But all I am is lies.It has been this way from my youth,to hide what I am inside.Sometimes you look into my eyes,But all courage in me has died.From dawn until late dusk,
Alone in a world, & silent,Void of voice and speech intent.Wanting to let out and say,But no thoughts to come what may.Having tongue,But no heart to speak…Leaves one in a circumstance, bleak.
You set the mold Every day consists of pieces of you Differentiate life lessons and sheer misery I’m unable to see That words can mean more than deceit This can't be all that’s around me When you awake
Your picture is on my dresser, You're staring back at me. I don'know who you are, But I know you know me. You were there when I fell, You picked me up back to my feet, To hold me in youre arms,
My God, Will never leave me, He will never forsake me. He loves me like no other, He is my Bestfriend, My Father, My World, My Everything.
Birthed by the Earth, God planted me here. I've grown not much throughout these long years.   Roots settled in, My stalk began to rise. As a fragile bud, though, I turned from sunrise.
I prayed and studied and found the key I shouted and rejoiced in my victory The enemy has been defeated you see Christ shed his blood at Calvary No more worries, No more chains
The flesh surges under my skin Demanding I be someone other Demanding I seek my own pleasure Bow to the whim of father or brother But certainly I've done everything I knew how to do.
I'm learning to trust in you, Never giving up, Life may bring unfortunate circumstances, But you are always there for me, I didn't know what love was, Until I met you I saw that reality,
Is it enough, God? To be bought at a price I can't comprehend And I don't know why Is it enough, God? When I can't meet my own eyes And even with my debt paid I can't find my worth
pleading for Your understanding forgotten is Your control swinging punches at waves and wind like the strength I don't have will come why send me if You knew I'd fail? my faith can't see far enough
I know where there's hate, there is love more abundant. So, even though I hear so much of this hate, I know where there's bitter, there also is sweet. It's lasting twice as long, so when there's much wrong, I'll choose the right!
I know where there's hate, there is love more abundant. So, even though I hear so much of this hate, I know where there's bitter, there also is sweet. It's lasting twice as long, so when there's much wrong, I'll choose the right!
I admit I have misbehaved, Yet your unfailing love is there for me, True repentance is what you are searching, Repenting before you is tough, It is worth it though,
Ten I tell you of your sin Nine The anguish of your Eyes Eight Its the thing God hates Seven That No good girls go to Heaven Six Because no good girls exist. Five
The Lord is with me during all seasons of life He is there during life’s spring season, When my faith is flourishing and growing to something more He is there during life’s summer season
As I walk the shadows oppress me, I fight, but if I give in could the shadows ever comfort me? The light, though blinding, warms me, But pains sting can startle in unwary warmth,
Lord I exalt You! How great are Your works all around me! How is it that a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand but I am untouched? Who am I to be protected so? Am I so significant in Your eyes??
Lord I am troubled. But In my shame I won’t lift my eyes up, Contemptible thoughts run rampant through my mind, I think, how can I come before him in this state?
I sometimes wish I could see my approaching sin fast enough to say “Get thee behind me satan!”, But I always miss the chance, Because by the time I see the sin, satan does his dance from two steps ahead.
You first loved me Lord, When I was lost and choking in sin, scoffing at the very idea of a savior, You first loved me, When I cursed You and shut my eyes to the light, You first loved me,
Father, You are great and calmed my distraught soul, I blindly lost sight of You and gave in to an unrighteous righteous anger oh God. I let satan get the best of me, Lord I know I was honest in my utterings,
I trust in You oh Lord, For through You I am more than a conqueror. I trust in You because every one of Your words is pure, And You are a shield to all who put their trust in You,
Lord who am I to be sought out by the highest? I am unable to comprehend Your everlasting love. What do You have to gain? You who commands angel armies, You who is above all else,
God Your word is an all-consuming fire which cannot quelled. It convicts me and I cannot hold it in. I must praise You, I must spread Your word that others may praise You as well,
Lord do we only call to You in our distress? Do we only long for Your salvation on the brink of destruction? And when in the midst of our suffering, And at the height of our tribulation, You take us under Your wing,
How do you knit a broken heart? Cause you got me thinking. That you’re the only reason. I’m willing to give up my whole world, Just for the chance to be next to you. Cause when it’s warm, I’m reminded,
You are calling me to move, further into what You've destined me to do But I am plagued with unbelief and I remain doubting You
Jesus said it best when He said “It is finished!” Pain, Sin, and Strife have all been Diminished He carried the cross for our sin and Shame He held up our burden so we didn’t Have to pay
If the pain wasn’t too much to bear…I would tell the world how much I don’t care My hair’s a joke my job is non-existent… maybe I should go get extensions
When the others shut their eyes, I kept mine open. I thought about what it would be like to be minuscule, to climb on the statues in church. I thought about what could happen to make me stop kneeling. I always knew I was
Could it be? This man beside me - Battered, bleeding, dying? Could it be? Amid the rising jeers This mocking crowd is crying? Could it be? Though wails surround Of those recanting in regret?
My Christ, lord and savior, reign down on me. I just wish everyone could see ya! And the truth to be seen! How can I show my God, when all i do is sin. Ball my life up in a wad,
Temptation, created by the one and only…true abomination He used to sit at heaven’s gate, before he betrayed our God and sealed his fate
Deceiver of Men, Conjurer of Fools…I’m not scared of you No evil spirit or demon, for I have the Tools To take on you all…bring it on, for I stand Tall
Imperfection is easy to see, it is in every one of us…including you and me How to be perfect then? It will never happen…not what, not who, not where, not when So you ask why?
People in this world talk bad about others…I hope they realize we all sisters and brothers From our Father up in Heaven is where our words should be
Jesus is my hero, My hope, My Heavenly Father. Jesus is my love, My life, My Living Water. Jesus is my passion, My patience, My Prince of Peace.
We were not meant to be a people whole. Our bodies divide humanity’s soul. We were born broken, so that the life may pass through us, so that windy gusts may not topple us.
Pray for the souls lost. Casualties of life's meandering way. Let your love rush in and rescue them. A love that wipes away sin and tears. That comforts and saves us from our fears.
The Beautiful Torment Why is our Lord beaten, bruised, and dying, A whip from death and a whip from heaven Through the twilight, the crack of the whip rings. Tears of his children and laughter of men
Jesus said in Matthew 7:14, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only few find it” Life, many of you may ask what is life? Is it life to live as you please and follow all of your earthly desires?
Lord how can I last through this tribulation I’m hurt, My soul trembles, My very foundations are shook. I find my only solace in You oh Lord, Yet You deign to grant me abundant joy and peace,
When you think of Jesus what do you see? A man, a son, a human? To me he is more then a person A savior more like A preacher a teacher a friend But most of all a sacrifice
You are there for me when I am crying, And in you I console. You support me in my time of need, When I require reassurance. You comfort me in my tragedies, When I can’t find another friend.
When I go meet God, I'm gonna have to give myself up to you. Lose my life, lose my heart, lose my soul! I have been dirty and broken and don't deserve your love.
The stress of perfection showed upon my face as I gazed at my reflection, but I wasn't perfect. I had become a master of deception, writing lies in the book of life all to create a false perception.
You gave me life, my first breath taken was yours first. You loved me before I knew who I was. You watched over me while I slept, Letting peaceful dreams take me to a world not my own.
Now let me start out by saying this… God made Minute Made...- because in less than a minute, a minute was made.. I got a little bit relaxed with myself when I, weaved only a little bit of his will with a whole lot of my will.
There was a man, like you and me, who born at birth could not see. His clothes were worn, his hair a mess, laid on the dirt when time to rest. His food came from a coin plate that he would beg with night and day.
The Words Hit You Like Endless Bullets. Face Them Head On, Never Give Way To It. Heard It Once, Heard It Twice. The Words They Through Out Are Meant For Your Demise.
I'm too young to have a stressed mind If money wasn't real we would have less crime Cause of banks we got bodies full of hollow clips Put the money in the bag and run like a politic Life ain’t soft I pray in the rough
Accept and suffer unflinchingly, every hardship presented at hand. Aim to avoid empty, vain, and idle talk, it only leads more into ungodliness. Whats presented before you is patience, it's unwavering compassion
Man Lord, can you completely take control of my mind. I'm tired of wiriness, jealousy, and being filled with strife. Your presence is at every turn but I continue to slide.
Faith is my way of life the only reality I'm livin It's not a front for the world, I'm not just simply pretendin So you can spread your lies and your doubts, but you won't be catching me slippin
My never ending love To stand by the challenges of your life The attachment I give to you The strength I see in you
We're afraid to recognize the faults So life goes on with its deadly assaults Getting harder and harder everyday, but suddenly it halts Because sooner or later we unlock all the vaults Then sense pours out
I come from love and holy words I've memorized many lines I am welcomed by the sound of singing The songs I've grown-up to know
I'm going through the motions And I don't know why. This whole feeling is atrocious But I can't even hide. I'm smiling in the physical But crying all day. Must be something spiritual
I like the way things are now: How I can stand at the edge The sidewalk stopping Cars flying by, missing everything Without feeling so tempted to run To get away Because where I am now is fine.
When I am sad When I am scared When I am Lonely Lord, your always right there When I'm weak, you make me feel strong Your right beside me Lord, I'm never alone And that's why I cry this out
The road is marked with sorrow, My undeserving hollow Heart waits for every morning, When it wakes refreshed from its mourning
As the days go by, God continues to be my teacher... displaying the strongest of challenges to my eye, like cheering fans on the bleachers...
Red Blood; Shed! Purifies Me, Cleanses Me, He's No Longer Dead. Now I'm; White As Snow! THE CROSS!
I don't know if I will ever be able to describe you in the way I truly experience you. When I think of you, I lose the words. I can only feel them. I know you aren't meant for me.
Sometimes I feel blind, like I cannot see But the world sees him, and also sees her The world ignores me, and never sees me But the world shields them, while I remain blurred.
The King is just, and justly He decrees, To quell all offense and weigh every deed, His righteous demands not one of us met. Alas, under His rage I dwell in threat, Of utter destruction; Hell opens wide,
Every day in the hallway or when I’m sitting in class, Someone asks me a question about my religion. I’m happy to talk about it. Until the derogatory comments and assumptions slap me in the face. “My pastor said this…
Encasement of inequity, Familiarity surrounds. That likeness, once assuredly, My heart-strum's fervent pound-- Has dissipated--in a sun, A thread riveting true; Where mem'ries come undone,
This world gives me a feeling of starkness So many places growing with darkness Setting that place on fire Cause Lord need for you is dire It's so dark they're becoming blind
I was once lost, Unnoticed in the crowd, Never knew who I was, But now I am found. I was floating through the days Wondering where I would go, My soul was in a haze But you brought me home.
What will be revealed? What will you convey? Will you proclaim I have followed you and your words, Both by speaking and by action? Will you proclaim I have broken your laws, Used you for self-glory?
I am only human, I have love that longs to be given I have pain that longs to be taken I have courage, but not enough I have strength, but again not enough Jesus died on that cross for me
He holds my heart within his hands Bending, Molding, all to plan Sometimes it hurts, but he always works. The black is now out of my heart, leaving a hole for a new start I feel all empty, sad and alone
This world I live in causes chaos to my soul I am so thankful Lord, for I know You're someone I can hold. They shut me down and say He's dead, But why should I go off of what one man has said.
Classic is just past it its as real as it gets no plastic when the sky cracks it all comes down collapesin' Misconception conception to get a certain impression the hard fact the admitting your wrong confession
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
I speared You in the side, I made You a crown of thorns. I nailed Your hands to cross, I spat in Your face and walked away. Lord! Lord! Why do You still love me?
Your love for me is everlasting, second chances only you are casting Seeking for love all I got was lust, as time past my heart will rust Despite my past you are still grasping, unto me while I was still dancing
My strength is gone, so i call upon the name; The name of He who did healings for the lame. I think of my life, its worth, it has none; And if it wasn't for His Blood, I would be undone.
Uncontrollably over analyzing the situation that was in front of me Only thoughts that was in my mind was about the person that I used to be
Thee ultimate love triangle They're three in one We've gat the Father the Spirit and the Son The book of Life, the crucifixion story, all written before we even begun.
With all the love in the world, No matter what I can say, Nothing can ever describe what I feel. With all my passion for you, No matter the rhythm or beat, My heart flutters like no other.
With a new school year, a new start, but friends depart. And we’ve led our whole lives together, but suddenly we’re taking different paths from each other.
A book of an aunt Who no longer is here Turn the pages Listen Do you hear them cry? Torn and worn down but still prized most This book that is broken It tells a tale of sleeping beauty and her prince
There is something inside of each of our souls- this desire for the things that will destroy us. We crave to behave in ways that leave scars.
Watching watching me i know you are there lord feeling feeling what you are pulling me toward It seems since iv strayed on this path of my own youv left me to sit between rock and stone
My heart is tangled My breath is worn I can see the coming storm My thoughts are shallow My mind is thin There’s the howling wing My soul is growing weak My eyes are looking old
I wrote this a few years back before my confirmation of my faith. Hope you like it!:
Can we go back? Back to the day that you asked me to take a chance and I said okay? Can we take back all the foul words we said, and the memories we dread?
Lord of the nations and the power of creation. With lifted hands we honor thou, for you swept the sins off our brow.
I get so close, Then drift away, I'm only scared of what they'll say, But in this world, It matters not, In a few years, I'll be forgot, But in Heaven, I'll surely be known,
I questioned my intelligence And life’s depth and relevance Mom should’ve remained celibate Or at least used a contraceptive To give me protection Against my own conception It’s got me mentally arrested
Is it giving you the promotion you wanted? Is it Him letting you see the game on Sunday? Is it Him giving you a dollar to find? Perhaps you eating lunch, and not having to pay?
God help me in my walk, For my steps are stunted by my pain. I know in You I have true joy, Even though the world makes me feel shame, My stunted steps are short, But You give me strength.
The battle for life, is like this: Friend against friend until all are lifeless They never see how they hurt, or whom Rather, they only See at their doom Where destruction laughs And they scream
In the dark, alone, scared. Can't find anything, any where, no light. "Where am I, Am I home." As I speak the words real slow, Frost fogs up an appearing window. I look out it and see myself chained up.
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