A Christian Woman Scorn


While a man aint answering his phone
Or at 3 in the morning, he still ain't home
His "Christian Woman" is all alone
Asking God "What did I do wrong?"
It takes one lonely day
When she's tired of being on her knees to pray 
And that "Christian Woman" is all out of tears 
Cause a man out creepin is one of every woman's fears
She'll be thinking why am I worried about this man who doesn't notice me
When there's more fish in the sea
I could be out having fun wit my girls
Instead of here saying this man is my world
I hear girls saying "I bet she don't know about us" 
Clearing they throats and giving me dirty looks
Praise God I got Jesus
Cause I sho would be throwin left hooks
I mean I do everything for this man
I Cook, I clean, and even do the things you wouldn't think a "Christian Woman" can
I'm tired of sitting in church clapping and acting happy with a smile on my face
Knowing when we get home I'll be the only person in our place
But it's all good cause I'm leaving tonight
To find me a man that actually will treat me right
Cause I've finally seen the light
So if any man treats his "Christian Woman" like she's last place
Get used to not seeing her face
Cause I guarantee you she's packing up her suitcase


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