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If the pain wasn’t too much to bear…I would tell the world how much I don’t care
My hair’s a joke my job is non-existent… maybe I should go get extensions
Ahh who am I kidding I’m ugly either way, what the point of even getting up today
To God be the Glory I once loved to say, but I’m so far from him now that I’ve decided to sway
How amazing it would be to be chosen again, to be reminded that in him I have a friend
To be right with the world and most of all myself, to but every broken piece of my heart on his shelf
Proclaiming his fame to anyone who’d listens, to remind his children that he’ll be back to visit
Why did I give up on my one shot of making it home, worshiping him who sits on the throne
This life may be ending but the next will be the same, if I continue on this path and refuse to call on his name
To look to him to solve it all, my drug habit my lying, my drunk one night stand calls
Peace, Love & Happiness can all be obtain, if I would gracefully give up my life which is required for them all
But who what when where why and how,
If only there was a Way, and I knew the Truth and could follow some Light
Who would be foolish enough to show me what’s wrong from right
I only I knew I was headed in the right direction
Maybe I’ll ask him who was made whole through resurrection.

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