to never be a part of any institution
to cleanse my heart of this pollution
In Christ alone my absolution
because mankind won't provide solutions
Friends turn their back faster than Sonic with a pair of Nikes
I don't belong in that pack; plaster hearts ruled by an errant psyche
Nah I'd rather spit lines and cut through it excaliber truth
Yeah I'd rather quit trying and blast through em fifty caliber proof
Let's recalibrate these challengers with something other than massacres
They're destroying their hearts with lust, violence, and arrogance
Their mind's collecting dust and drying out like asparagus
Don't spare me this, I need this apparently I've grown complacent with my placement as a chosen one
This race ain't won with frozen ones, so heat up in a microwave dont smile and wave and act like nothings wrong
Nah that's all wrong
You see, the world needs this song
They banging womens like gongs and smoke strong in the bongs 
climbing higher than Kong and cuttin like in salons
They say it won't stop, cause poppin pills is all that they got
so he coppin a feel then growin the crops, smoking the pot till his mind is in knots
Those are habits they can't drop
Well I hope and pray, that's not the case
Cause it only brings disgrace like a face covered in mace
Your hands covered in paste while you eyes looking erased
Nah man, don't be a slave to those false seditives
let it settle it in how upset it is
and i'll be it is Jesus said it is
life's competitive
but I'm winning this race already
so whatever comes we hold steady
and when life explodes like confetti
we keep our armor on ready
prepared to fight in this life full of trials and pain
given new life; I'm alright without the novacain


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