Healing the Blind Man


United States
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There was a man, like you and me, who born at birth could not see.
His clothes were worn, his hair a mess, laid on the dirt when time to rest.
His food came from a coin plate that he would beg with night and day.
He sat in an alley, out of everyone’s way. He is nothing the Pharisees would say.
He only wished to have his eyes; they were only used when he would cry.
One sunny day, he heard him come. Jesus Christ, Gods beloved son.
The voice of the Savior pierced those around.
“Oh Christ, help me.” Said the man on the ground.
The Savior turned to see the man. With tears in his eyes he stretched out his hand.
Starved and half naked, the man sent his request.
“Oh Lord, if it be, let me see like the rest”
He knelt as his level and said without delay
“You are made whole, according to your faith”
And with a bit of clay and a few drops of water.
His followers began to be in wander as
The man arose and opened his eyes.
To see the man for us who died.
There was a man, like you and me, who at birth could not see.
There was a man, like us, who was made whole through Christ’s redeeming love.


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