I Brought you Into This World


I brought you into this world I can take you out.

These are familiar words that every black child hears when they act up

The Father, our Father

clenches his jaw and whispers these words into our ears

I brought you into this world I can take you out


For I formed your body on the 6th day just before dusk

From dust. Brown, dirty, sandy, grimy, soot

Yes, the skin you’re in

the skin you love is dust

Perhaps Adam and Eve discovered this and were so ashamed of their sin that they had to cover skin with leaves. Your naked body is nothing but a suit made of soot, so don’t get too cocky

Just always remember that I am the creator, the painter, the savior, the life-raiser, the original not a fabricator, I AM GREATER

And I can take you out effortlessly

But Be reassured that your skin is not a product of sin

When I injected melanin, I was not playing a game of craps

You’re not leftover scraps

I didn’t leave you in the oven too long or take you out too early

This was planned.

You were planned

You are perfect. No arguments here

Your recipe just called for more pigmentation.

And your hair

Of wooly sensation

Unfortunately, you’re ashamed of it, but I gave you this hair so that you could more resemble me

The lamb of sinners slain, the Lamb of God, the righteous

You have feigned a different hairstyle in an attempt to escape the pre-ordained

Okay, okay, I understand your ancestors were enslaved, but

By pressing your hair, to impress others, you’re just oppressing yourself

Slavery is over, we’ve fought the war on civil rights, we’ve eliminated the daunting” not for colored” signs on brown doors


Every morning when you get dressed, you never leave the house without your whip or your chains.

You say you don’t look pretty without it.

You put on your armor to meet these mean streets of Mattapan, Dorchester, or Detroit

To only fight against yourselves.

You say the white man’s got you down

I say you are your  very own Zimmerman.

World star is on your mental bucket list, but in reality, it’s the devil’s invention to keep you from getting actual stars on your crown.

Where’s the star in world star? What are you actually known for? That you can be breaking barriers, but you’re breaking noses.

You’re so impressionable.  

Look how it only took TWO CHAINS  to mentally shackle you.

Investing in chains and jewelry forgetting that you yourselves are royalty in heaven.

Your Jewels are already pre-purchased for you are princes and princesses

Instead, you’ve pulled up to the scene with your ceiling missing simply because you can’t afford it.

Can’t afford to pay attention to your education because you’re too busy playing slave master

Field nigger, house nigger, coon, camel lips, and cotton picker..sound familiar?

You’ve reused, reduced, and recycled these derogatory terms to nigga, oreo, thot, slut, hoe, light skinned, dark skinned

They’ve become a part of modern vernacular.

Your name is not Kunta Kente nor is it Toby anymore.

I’ve renamed you with my blood, my chains, my whips,  my lashes, my nail pierced hands, my sweat, my tears,  my death, my resurrection, my salvation.

I’ve named you Victory

I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.

You better not act up. 


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