Moments of Life


There are many moments in a persons life, but the first moment is birth when one is born into a world that we know nothing about some say it is a beautiful world I say it is rather cruel and twisted. This moment that you are born you see the faces of those who "love" you and those who you are suppose to "support" you during this thing we call life. The next moment is childhood the one moment that you can NOT wait to get out of because you wanna be "grown", and this moment is actually one of the ones you will miss the most.. in these moments you will make your childhood friends, start headstart programs so yoi can began your first year in real school, and lets not forget in these moments you are going to loved more than anything by your parents, grandparents.. funny thing is this is when you are actually going to show this love back to them. Now that you are out of the childhood days this next moment is your pre-teen days oh how we love this moment we feel "grown" this is when we start to get our attitudes as we are told, and this is when some start to think they have found "love". We as pre-teens start junior high and this is when some of us begin to feel emotions toward somebody and some begin to think in ways they have never thought of boy do I know that feeling very well jokes on us it really is'nt gonna hit us till our freshmann year of highschool... for us girls we like to have those little sleepovers a bunch of us just sitting around eating popcorn,watching movies, and just having fun.. those friends you do that with in junior high become completely different in the long run you guys might not ever speak another word. This moment is not the most extravagent one it is a good one though a remarkable one I would love to re-visit. High School next to the last moment you are about 15 or 16 and its your freshman year and boy do you feel really "grown" now, and this is the year some begin to start experiencing different things like partying, drugs, sex, love, and depression for some. Those four years you are in high school you will find that you and your parents do not get along like you all once did back in your previous years... some might find that you are not loved at all by them and you begin to start turning to drinking and drugs, or maybe even try finding that love you are seeking from your parents or parent. Then that person you think you have found it in hurts you more than even and you begin to feel not good enough... yeah I have been there to and I can tell you it is so not worth your tears and the heart break cause that one person is not gonna matter any in the long run. Lets skip a few moments, and lets hit senior year this is your year the year you have been waiting for. This is the year you will never forget for sure! In this moment you get to do so much and you are top dog in the school the underclassman look up to you dude... so that means be a romodel, and help them you know how hard the struggle is.  My senior year was outstanding and I enjoyed every moment of it.. this moment was also like the I do not care what anybody thinks about me and you shouldn't either cause you are a unique person and you need to shine in your own ways. DO NOT let people who do NOT matter dull your shine, cause you are impportant in some way... now as I wrap this up you can sum it up that through the moments of your life times get a little difficult, but for me God was who got me through it all if I did not have him I can promise you I would not be were I am today and today I am a freshman in college majoring in Psychology! Now it is time for you to let your light shine through the moments in your life!!!


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