Mother's Wings


Children’s cries calm her pounding heart

Pangs of travail drain from their raw start

At last love manifests in blood-flushed flesh

Spirits sparkle in the commitments made fresh


You both are mine as gifts yielded from Father’s love

How suddenly you came from constellations above

I will care for you beyond the span my strength shall extend

Under my wings shall you dwell ‘til angels call us to ascend


Dreams inspire us as the twinkling of a star lights skies reigned by shade

Wishes bubble from the wellspring of life as ambitions must be prayed

Never lose heart though tempests from this tormented world will force us to part

Look to the stars where our tears depart to see the day we meet in the rampart


Love reaches beyond the chasm of space unuuunited

Our futures are banded by blood-stained grace


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