A renegade of cultures past,
A renegade from traditions forgotten,
Holding on to values from the past,
Lessons that lay today, forgotten.

A believer of the old religion,
when all was pure, clear, untainted,
So unlike today's world of delirium,
Where all is blurred, confused, invented.

A renegade to stand for the truth,
A renegade with guts of fire,
To face the riotous confusion,
And the mechanics of lies, society is teaching.

So sad for knights in shiny armour
Our world needs but lacks them bold men of honour.

A renegade for today,
A renegade for the future,
A fighter for a better tomorrow,
To build a better society.

A society where all is fair and square,
Not one where truth wouldn't dare,
To wage war on terror and racism,
To stand firm against fraud and moral decadence.

To save the planet for our children,
Not destroy it for our pockets,
To see the joy in their faces,
Before we kick the bucket.

To make sure we fight the good fights
And ensure we fight the right fights


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