My Blood Is Your Red







We are covered in labels,

And drowning in sterotypes.

We can't break free,

From the painful lies.

My skin is white,

But my blood is your red.

My religion is christianity,

But my God is your Allah.

My parents income isnt mine,

But neither is yours.

The world is broken,

Because we have created a divide.




And so much more.

It is unnecessary.

Because we all;

Feel love the same.

Feel pain the same.

Cry when we are sad.

And laugh when we are happy.

We all want to be accepted,

And dread rejection.

Why do we give the hate we don't want to recieve?

Why have we become so cruel?

The world spins on,

But our people have stopped in time.

Until we can love one another,

And let go of earthly ideas,

We can never move forward.

We can never be okay.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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