I'm Just a Sheep #fantofollower

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 18:23 -- Cam_CLD

The Lord is my Sheperd, that means I'm the sheep, i have nowhere to go unless my Lord speaks, 
My Lord is my Provider, 
If He provides, I eat,
And as being a sheep, I'm low low to the ground, always at His feet,

I cannot run away, for I have nowhere to go, Without a Sheperd leading sheep, there's nowhere to sow,

Being a sheep all alone, is like a steak in the wild, a beast will come and devour, even if its a small child,

My Lord is a Sheperd, He protects me from all,  when I walk through the valley, He will not let me fall,
When the serpents lie, and the lions cast me astray, His rod and His staff will keep them away, and although I'm a sheep, I know how to pray, that the Lord will direct me and correct me this day,

As a sheep, I know nothing, except the voice of the Sheperd, 
And  His voice speaks clearly in His Word,....every book,....every letter...

And as following a sheperd, my gps is his tracks,  He fought to lead this lowly sheep, by the marks on His back, nails in his body, there's no doubt about that,

For this lowly sheep, who's messed up more than 7x77,
He keeps me with his flock, and guides me with His hand,

And although I'm covered in all of this wool/sin, inside of me He sees a man, inside of that man Is Him...  The Holy Spirit doing a work in me to turn me from a sheep to a man to a son...because doesn't a Sheperd see all of His sheep as His Sons/ daughters,...
My God, My Father, who leads me to living water, my breath, my life, my eternity, who always proves himself, certainly, but certainly the burdeon in me is burning furiously, to lead the sheep back to the Sheperd for purity..
And the Lord will cut the wool/sin off the skin and cleanse deep into the heart of a man developing a friend because who here doesn't know He calls us friends?

Sons, daughters, brides sheep, man, child, friend... The different names God gives to us in our everyday walk...
He protects me like a lock and loses the key purposely,so forever He... covers me...

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