The Comforter

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 10:13 -- Dogg201

Accept and suffer unflinchingly, every hardship presented at hand.
Aim to avoid empty, vain, and idle talk, it only leads more into ungodliness.
Whats presented before you is patience, it's unwavering compassion
You may have been wronged and possibly hurt, but fully perform steadfastness.
Perfect peace you'll have who's steady, trusts in, and believes.
You'll have no worries, there will be no doubts, you will become conquering beings.
Yes it's hard, but try it yourself, rejoice in your troubles and sing.
There you'll learn to count it all joy, you will see that you can't be defeated.
Accept my wisdom, while the world may boast, you show humility!
We do not bicker or argue for naught, when correcting them, do it gently.
Faith is dead without action, in this world you'll be known by your deeds.
Be mindful, temperate, and disciplined perform only goodness to express your King.
These characteristics are vital, yet useless without, one thing.
We're representatives of Christ, like him, we'll love, unconditionally.
The world will tell you it's a feeling, to be shared with only a few.
We are not of this world, we look to above, we will bless those, we never knew.
Make strong your mind because you will hear that this love is impossible to do.
Hold to my teachings, this love is my will, to whom that believe, all things are possible for you.


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