Freedom Rider

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 16:24 -- Raycizm


Did you hear?


We heard the king was coming tonight


We heard hope was coming tonight


I got my wave of cotton hair all nice and gin i gotta look my best the kings here ya’ know


Him and all his voice


Him and all his breakthrough


My momma told me I gotta be at church tonight cause’ tonights different see


I've seen the king speak before but we heard he bringing his knights too and...


I heard they stood all stonewall jackson against them white boys


I heard they had bats for their freedom


Boots for their stand your ground


That they had pitchforks to scare crows perched on what they think they deserve

I heard they like me


I fresh faced know too much better  watch it boy for you end up with nothing your mom can bury


I heard them survived underground greyhounds and Mississippi chain gang braces humming spirituals through peaceful lips


Guards say stop they say mmm mmm take my voice if I cant sing my song as loud as my black is


They hero's here


Me and my friends


We came to see a group of young brave disciples from word of mouth we heard had jaws of stone and cheekbones plated bronze rusted over from satan's water works


No sign of peter's denial just all prophet




Do you hear them?


Them k k killers taunting and burning our sacrifice


Do you hear them?


Tryna scare our jesus way' we not safe


How we not safe in Church?

in arms that hold to love us


How death still lighting fires under the living water

Livin's all I'm guilty of


We here


We pass our middle passage past


We got too much stone for segregation too much responsibility to our mugshots


Too much hope for the future i ride

We ride we not scared no more no more night no more nightmare days living in a world we share

We too

We strong


We strong like whips like

Chains like tear gas like rocks through stain glass fear don't live here fear sits shackled in the back of the bus


I stand

You scared?


Cause my mouth too big business


Cause I don't


Bruise off stick and stone ignorance


Cause I'm not scared of the dark no more

No more mumbling through life like my words don't deserve volume

Whats wrong!?


You just realize i been strong all along ?


Cause I did



MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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