How The Warm Souls Burn, Yet We Can Not live Without The Flame

hundreds of souls gather round the Flame

their faces away to hide shade from shame

yet one soul searches desperately in hope,

to find one soul's heart not in evil soaked.


he searched too long for one heart to take,

for the company of another his heart did break.

finally he gave up, and turned away,

yet another faceless soul turned into a shade.


but though souls good and bad gathered round the Flame,

the way that they faced was always the same,

they enjoyed only warmth and ignored heat and light,

they all turned away and gave up the fight.


and though the light did help them all to hide their shame,

in the end they still all were swallowed by the Flame.

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Our world
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for those who beleive this poem is about hell, remember that God should always be capitalized.

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