What Makes Me Tick...


The things that make me tick...

Some you'l understand

others you'll get a kick


One thing is double standards:

Girl gets layed - she's a sex hazard

Guy gets layed - he's got swagger

This makes my mind shatter.


Second thing is for the hypocrites

Making fun of people wearing clothes that misfit

But with themselves, aren't quite realistic

Size 3 jeans on a 16 body... how'd you get into that sh*t?


Third thing is commercials that mislead

"No tears shampoo, guranteed!"

Then I figure out that they were lying

'Cause guess what? I'M CRYING!


Don't get me started on attitude

because it's like they know nothing of value

"Hey is that the new episode of CSI?"

"Nooo, it's just the show of a misunderstood fly."

Well, damn. How was I supposed to know?

So don't even begin to look at me low.


The final thing is little girls in a big world

You're what? A sixteen year old girl?

Then stop trying to cause fights about your ex

through facebook and stupid little texts.

Oh you're mad? So you're gonna get your crew?

Well, sh*t. He better run 'cause he's so screwed.


Little girl, let me tell you something.

You want to be looked at as an adult, not a kid?

That means sit down, and don't flip your lid

Learn to communicate and respect.

'Cause your original behavior was incorrect.


So these are the things that make me tick. 

Things that make me want to roundhouse kick.

From double standards to whiny teenage chicks

These are the things that get my knickers in a twist.






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