Thee ultimate love triangle
They're three in one
We've gat the Father the Spirit and the Son
The book of Life, the crucifixion story, all written before we even begun.

One more mile to go, there was the hill
His body was weak but this was His Fathers will; who was he to say no? The scriptures had to be fulfilled
He couldn't stop the show

Nails tore his skin and slid through his bones
The only sounds muttered was moans and groans of pain
As His life poured out His veins
His death was the line and connection with the Father had been regained
'The Holy Lamb had been slain'
And after all these years it was finally done

The centurion stood there simply stunned as the curtains of the temple tore from the roof to the ground; it was the sign of a turnaround for our own good
If we could we would.. but sadly we never understood the depth of this story

Three days later the height of his glory was revealed

"Is this a ghost? His tomb was sealed and now His wounds are healed? He's body is definitely alive but we watched him die with our own eyes how could like be? "

He lived for death to retrieve a key that was stolen when we ate of the tree so that we can now be free.

One part of the love triangle done
we stood in awe as He ascended into heaven, knowing that our king had won

Ten days later it was the spirits turn to take flight - over the darkness of the earth

They said: 'We knew the end of the story from the beginning of this book

called Life...but never the less'

They exhaled and out of they're mouth's came the four words

"Let there be Light"


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